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  1. I think I am getting more amber now than when I got my bottle last year. It does make a nice combo with the grapefruit though. And at the later drydown stages it becomes such a lovely 'sugared SLF' (honey-amber-musk) scent. I believe that sugars in this one make the SLF-part much softer, and even with the civet note being there, the scent does not come off as 'dirty' in the littlest bit.
  2. Woah!! So many gorgeous labels were added since I last checked this thread! Who's on Black Pepper label? Love it!
  3. Any ETA for international orders? I placed mine August 9th Can't wait to try sugareds...
  4. Oh, I'd love some Sugared Tarragon! I will add it to my next order! Also what does the Sugared Black Tea smell like? Is it close to that lovely strong bitter black tea note that you used in my Inna's Gadda Da Vita PE or is it softer like for example in 221b? Asking because I'm just curious, as I am pretty sure I will hoard it either way.
  5. I am not sure if I've become scent blind to AJA lately, it barely smells like anything to me. There is something very light honey-like that I can detect, but it's nowhere close to what it smelled like before. And apparently that's only me, since others LOVE it. Guys I hang out with are not any good at describing scents, but they've said that this smells sweet and very pretty. One man from work told me that it's the best thing he's ever smelled on me (and he generally likes perfumes I'm wearing and has many times told me I smelled nice). When I wear AJA solo I usually apply 4-5 drops on my
  6. Oh I love all the labels. You ladies are gorgeous! I'm woods
  7. Sadly I could not wear this as patch still smells like a dumpster to me, especially when worn on my skin. That's too bad as I absolutely love everything else I smell in this one
  8. It's been two days since my January order package left the US. It can be here any day now! Soo excited to get new goodies to try!
  9. I keep checking this forum section all the time too.. Need my LP fix in form of January NRs ASAP! I'll prob just go nuts and order everything when they're available after such a long wait
  10. Can't wait to see what NRs Mara came up with! My next PE can wait till March or April though, I hope the page will be opened by then. I have plans for that PE too, but not very urgent ones
  11. This may sound silly as it has only four notes, but La Sylphide feels like much more complex grown up sister of SH. Can't tell how much I love this one!
  12. I think La Sylphide is my favorite out of November NRs even though I'm not a huge fan of LFM phero blend. Glad I could snag two bottles before it got sold out. I wasn't big fan of Sensual Harmony when I tried it, as ylang ylang in it was too sweet and loud on me, and I barely got any sandalwood. In La Sylphide those two are in perfect balance for my taste, forming very sophisticated and feminine scent. I can't detect nutmeg as a separate note, but I'm pretty sure it adds that extra depth that I was missing in SH. Also Mara's reference to the ballet in this one's name and label is absolut
  13. This is light and sweet floral honey on me. It did change just a little dirtier after few hours, but it's still very nice.
  14. I was scared of Tickle Tickle because several reviews said about sharp/medicinal lavender, and many scents can go all wonky and medicinal on me. Wasn't the case with this one though. Right from the start lavender was very soft and beautiful, and blended nicely with berries and cream. Now few hours later lavender has gotten weaker and made room for more vanilla and amber. Now it is berry bakery scent with just a hint of lavender. Unfortunately I have never tried Body Paint, so can't compare the two, but I do like this one.
  15. Thank you for absolutely gorgeous bags and for all those lovely gifts! I'm so happy I received my November samples this quickly. That means I'll have plenty of time to test everything and figure out what I want to order before Nov 25th.
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