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  1. I love it. Back in the 90s I went to Magical stores like yours throughout my state regularly. There were to I favored. I can't tell you how much I spent on stuff in these stores. Right now my house is filled with crystals! Amethyst is a favorite. And smokey quartz. Beautiful stuff! Lovely store!
  2. Will Pherotine have small size un versions of the pheros? The tester sizes? I seem to be allergic to some scents.
  3. I love these labels! They're great! What luck that you can use them without copyright issues. That's like walking into a gold mine of perfection.
  4. I wasn't sure how much I would like balm bomb when I got the tester. I used it one day when I was in a really bitchy mood. No PMS. Just bitchy/cranky. My gods. That stuff mellowed me right out. Just ordered the full size. It's my precious for moody days. I agree with making everything about comfort right now. I kind of strive for that as a norm but don't always achieve it. Now it's easier to just detach since we're all kind of locked down anyway. When my balm bomb full size gets here, that will be on regular rotation with Levitation and Alpha nol. Those three feel like the trifecta to me. Or maybe the lockdown quarantine covid trifecta.
  5. Oh I'm excited for this. Can't wait to see what scents and pheros are available.
  6. Very accurately describing me. And things I've already been changing about myself. The accuracy is eerie. Great read! Thanks Mara!
  7. I'll play! I'm right handed. You can see they are looking a little dry and red from ENDLESS amount of washing.... thank you Covid. /s
  8. It is ironic to want to buy pheros during this current world situation. Coping skills or optimism? I'm gonna call it right now. You will have a booming business if you pump out hand sanitizers. People nearly kill each other for that stuff. As for one's I would love: Rocket Fuel for me. I like the idea of a calming anti anxiety blend right now. I'm actually chill esp compared to years ago, but I could always go for more chill. On that note.... I miss woozy floozy from way back. That right now would hit the spot. I know you have the spray, but I always liked the bottle a bit more for self effects and that it lasted longer on me. Any chance of getting something like that? Levitation right now is my favorite. I remember woozy was potent but I can't in my mind compare the two. Scent wise, not sure if you could still do it still, but I loved Christine's yin yang, which was my favorite non winter scent. I literally kept that in my nightstand and put it on daily for a long time. Super yum and instant happy. Something like that in a woozy floozy or levitation would be brilliant and perfect for the spring.
  9. Are they available in unscented? TMI only seems to come up scented and True Confessions doesn't come up in searches. I'm on the lovepotionperfume.com site. I could swear I had seen them but in going through them, all I saw were the scented versions for TMI and no TC at all. TC looked like one that was closest to it from what I could tell.
  10. @Eastwood22 Ah, that's MLH. I forgot about that one. Yeah that one sounds good. I've not tried SWS. Maybe when they do pherotines I'll give it a try.
  11. Is there a phero now that would take the place of this one?
  12. H&S and TH because if she encounters roommate, that might help. But the self effects can help her.
  13. Without understanding the nature of what the issue is, it is hard to recommend. If you could specific just a teeny bit what type of situation it is. Like doesn't she need to keep herself calm or is she wanting to help calm others? Or both? I have not tried balm bomb yet. Not sure what MLH is so it's not even on my radar yet. But years ago I did like TH and H&S for dealing with people along with self effect. I'm just getting back into pheros now but based on past experiences I can recommend both of those for both self effect and having a calming uplifting impact on others. Also if the roommate is a woman, ones that work for bonding *might* help ease tensions and help them get along better or at least lower friction. To chill out and be happy I reach for Lace and now Levitation. Lace was more for chilling out and being happy. My guess is Balm Bomb would help calm but again, I cannot speak on that one yet.
  14. After scanning over my posts from like a decade ago, I discovered that this was actually one I used somewhat regularly. I have very little recollection of that. But there were things I posted that I have no memory of or only vaguely remember. It's very strange. So this one is now in my cart for April's order. Memory is so strange. Can't wait till my current order gets here so I can have some pheros to keep me happy while I rebuild my supply.
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