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  1. Can I reserve a bottle of Coco Chrissy's low floral note please?
  2. Can I reserve a bottle of : Dari Gold, Dari's Rocket Powder, and Michelle's Summer Pumpkin please?
  3. Can I reserve 1 bottle of: Charmed Chiara, Tyvey's Bermuda breakfast, Tyvey's Gooey Crunch thanks
  4. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mara, John, Halo and all the LP elves for making 2 of my dear friends birthdays extra special!
  5. it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it Congrats to all the new ranks!
  6. Just received my latest order love love love the star bags and your extras gifts are too generous, thanks again I haven't even begun to delve into the awesomeness of the spell potions!
  7. They've Arrived! Thanks again for always being amazing!
  8. Got my shipping notice...now to stalk the usps tracking site!
  9. ordered a January sampler and 1 bottle each of Tyvey's Chewy Spice, Spring's Lusty Cherry and M's Birthday dessert
  10. I got my packages on New Year's Eve and January 2nd...ended and began the years with LPMP it's going to be an amazing 2015!
  11. speaking of 2 Socks....(Link is most definitely NSFW and not for the faint of heart) Thanks
  12. My latest orders arrived and once again thanks so much for your generosity!
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