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  1. Can I reserve a bottle of Coco Chrissy's low floral note please?
  2. Can I reserve a bottle of : Dari Gold, Dari's Rocket Powder, and Michelle's Summer Pumpkin please?
  3. Can I reserve 1 bottle of: Charmed Chiara, Tyvey's Bermuda breakfast, Tyvey's Gooey Crunch thanks
  4. I'd be interested in a bottle...or 2!
  5. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mara, John, Halo and all the LP elves for making 2 of my dear friends birthdays extra special!
  6. Is the pricing for the FB set this month the same as regular months?
  7. if there's any available I would like a 6 of cups as well, thanks
  8. Can I reserve(one of each): Amanda's raspberry roon, christine;s sweet and spicy, jennifer's summer shine, lina's cherry rum yum, lina's little miss pancake, tiffany's hawaiian cake, victoria's black cobra and white cobra, thanks
  9. love love love them all, but super excited for the LP Pineapple variant
  10. it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it Congrats to all the new ranks!
  11. OMG! These are the best way to celebrate my birthday month! can't wait to smell them all!
  12. Samples are are full and 1.5ml usually the freebies(which we call sniffies) are around 1ml I believe
  13. I found sugared roses(since it has rose in it) also any of the berries would go nicely but really it depends on your personal preference, have fun experimenting
  14. I had the same thing happen, have you tried layering it? I find if you layer with the sugareds you can wipe out the curry scent, good luck
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