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  1. I miss you, hope you are doing well. 

  2. Phew! I got scared that I missed out on them in the blink of an eye! I'm sure that this new version doesn't disappoint, StacyK! Drive By Fruiting in its previous formulations has always been such a pretty scent. Clean, bright, and fresh! And you're right, having it combined it with OW is just perfect!
  3. Did the new wax melts sell out already? I didn't even know Mara had released them. Drive By Fruiting is one of my faves.
  4. Sorry to hear, SunnyCowgirl. Many people have had great results with PM. I think that people have provided some excellent thoughts. As for me, PM did not have either a positive or negative effect on either me, or my partner. Just...neutral. Not bad, neutral. I really do subscribe to the belief that pheros MOSTLY, only enhance what is already there. On rare occasions, such as with TS, they have actually made me bitchy. I personally find it odd that this guy is placing so much importance on his mother's feelings. I think that if I encountered this in an adult man, I would have to wonder if it
  5. Thank you, Stacy! I really loved doing it. They really do feel like treasures to me, so it wasn't too much of a reach to present them that way, little jewels that they are. And omg, YES! Am totally psyched to hear more about the forthcoming wax melts!
  6. YES, DD! That is what I get to. The peeking rose! the other notes take front stage with this one on me, and the rose sort of plays hide and seek. It's interesting... my allergies have been awful due to the weather, and yesterday, after a very long time not doing so, I had to take sudofed. Made me jittery as hell, but cleared me right up. Now that I am able to pick up scent more clearly, my perception of this one is that it bears many similarities to Dominance perfume, which I also adore! Does anyone else detect this? I can now pick up notes in this which read like amber and a bit of musk un
  7. I agree with you, DD. The newer one is to my nose, richer, a tad more syrupy? But still, very beautiful an one of those that is a great ager!
  8. Awww gosh.. thank you, halo and Mara. I am honored. If you need more pics of LPMP products I might have, just let me know. Now that I have a new smart phone with a decent camera ( my old phone was 8 years old!), I can take better pics. The last phone cam just sucked so much! Thank you for featuring my pic. It really was fun!
  9. I apologize for taking so long to post this, Blackcat. And thank you for your kind words. I am the one who feels incredibly humbled. Yes, Aphrodite, and for that matter, all deities, have a light and dark aspect, just as humans and the universe do. It's simply a Yin/Yang thing. We can learn a lot about ourselves when we feel strongly drawn to a particular deity and then read up on and explore their various attributes. I have to admit that I have not yet checked out the thread in your journal on this yet, but now I will make it a point to. I always love hearing about the experience of others
  10. luna, I am hooked! What a great story so far! Great characters and story line. Such a tease though! I am wondering the same thing as Beccah, which is, do we have to wait until the release of the next PEs for more? If so, bummer, but it is all entirely worth the wait. BTW, I love that you are among those of us who still capitalize the first letters of the seasons, as in "Spring." Most people do not do so these days, but it is an idiosyncrasy of mine. Old habits die hard.
  11. OMG tyvey! LMAO!!! Other than in wax melts, I really have no experience with G2. YIKES!!!! This is really funny, but I am wary of what this one might do to me! As I recall, in wax melts, it behaves very much like Open Windows for me. It has been a while. Now I will have to break out one of those melts and try this in the safety of my own home with my partner. What the hell? I listen to him being chatty, so turn about is fair play!
  12. Thanks, halo. It was a lot of fun playing wit props and "stage settings" for them. They were like these pretty little models just waiting for their close up and demanding that I capture their best sides. lol!
  13. I have been meaning to post a review of this beautiful PE for some time. What can I say about this one? Just...WOW! Mara and Blackcat came up with one gorgeously sexy potion which to me, not only smells wonderful ( I wear it quite a bit), but really does capture the darker essence of Aphrodite, whom I have worked with extensively in the past. I'll be honest, the name jumped right out at me when I saw this. Then I read the notes. Coffee goes terribly wrong on my skin most of the time, but something told me to take a chance with this one and I can not say how happy I am that I did. When I firs
  14. luna, you do yourself a great disservice. You are a much, FAR better writer than you know! I look forward to reading your forthcoming PE story, and anything else you have written. Sadly, I can relate to the whole sleep dilemma. Mara, my compliments to you on the Ocean Mist description. It is lovely.
  15. I had so hoped to try a trial vial of this one and Closer and had requested these two for my forum freebies with my last two orders, but they were not included in my orders, so I guess they were not meant to be.
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