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  1. I miss you, hope you are doing well. 

  2. I agree with you, DD. The newer one is to my nose, richer, a tad more syrupy? But still, very beautiful an one of those that is a great ager!
  3. OMG tyvey! LMAO!!! Other than in wax melts, I really have no experience with G2. YIKES!!!! This is really funny, but I am wary of what this one might do to me! As I recall, in wax melts, it behaves very much like Open Windows for me. It has been a while. Now I will have to break out one of those melts and try this in the safety of my own home with my partner. What the hell? I listen to him being chatty, so turn about is fair play!
  4. I had so hoped to try a trial vial of this one and Closer and had requested these two for my forum freebies with my last two orders, but they were not included in my orders, so I guess they were not meant to be.
  5. I have a little trial vial of this one that I am using sparingly. It's just gorgeous and when I am able to indulge and spend some $$$, I really want a bottle of this liquid perfection! I love this one!
  6. It's hard to go wrong with Sugared Honeycomb imho, reincarnated. To me, it is my go to layerable. Not only does it add a lovely depth to most things, I find that on my skin, it lends impressive longevity to many perfumes. I personally can't wear Sandalwood or Sandalwood blends unless it's just a light touch, but I would think it would blend quite nicely with SH.
  7. I adore this one too. It smells just like the actual blossoms to me, which always invoke a sunny, happy feeling. The touch of sugar seems to give it a nicely rounded feel. Leave it to Mara to improve upon nature! Also, this is special to me because my lovely great niece is on the label.
  8. Androstenol, I have had the same issues with my PH going way too acidic. I revisited various scents once I had gotten it more balanced and was blown away by the degree of the change in how they played on my skin. Mostly, it was a positive change, but I have actually had the reverse happen and in a few cases, old favorite scents ended up either amping, misbehaving or just plain smelling bad on me, much to my dismay. I do like Aja now though and for now, at least, so does my PH.
  9. I'm good with the DOM, can't wait to experience this scent. Definitely on my wish list!
  10. I have this problem with leather scents too johnsonlisa. Sad, because I do love them on other people and I adore the scent of actual leather!
  11. Thank you, luna and Blanche. If it is fruit heavy, then it might work for me. The sweetness can often balance out the greeness of vertiver for me.
  12. Can anyone tell me how strong the vetiver is in this? I like vetiver very much but it amps on my skin to the point of screaming.
  13. Nothing to complain about with cops, although I will say that for some reason, at times the results are stellar and other times, nothing. I am certain that this has an explanation which involves my own chemistry, either physically or emotionally. ( post menopausal)
  14. Hi Mara and John! So grateful to get my package o' awesomeness today. Thank you for the sniffies. I LOVE my Lisa's Golden Goddess and once I give my Lovestruck's Honeyed Blackberry a try, will post a review. So happy!
  15. Sounds so yummy! I am all about the honey. I requested this as one of my free trial vials.
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