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  1. This has aged very well. I put this on today, as I am avoiding anything phero until by physiology settles down. I get a much more musky forward fragrance. The peach is one of my favs ever. It's young and a bit green. But not tart or sour as some of the other green peach notes have played out on my skin. Or maybe its the way the other notes balance it out. I think the red clover is more prominent to my nose now. To me it lends a warm hazy note to the musk that brings the Summer Dance musk to mind. With all this I stil get that firm peach, faint floral and green aspect with drips of that semi animalic honey here and there. Grr. Definately a fragrance that makes me want to go outside a throw a ball for the dog and have some type of idealic picnic. Or if I can't get the outside time I can carry a bit of it on my skin. What a lift. If a fragrance ever begged for OW & a dab of cops together, this is it.
  2. Yes. Very true. I think this was the first single molecule I bought. Although I always have Topper on hand. I like the option of straight DHEAS. For me, the sweet spot is usally 1 or 2 sprays. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day. I have gone 3 & 4 sprays. 4 was far too much for me. When I wear it with a blend, my favorite combos are with EOW, EST, CB, LAM, Sexology & it's intresting with TH too.
  3. Lol. oh I loved N. California. Miss it.
  4. I was so serious. I really want one though. Actually I saw a "love seat" but it was like a "love chaise". It was soo cool. That's what I need. To be able to comfortably faint or chill on something like that. Haaa. I actually need one right now. I've just had my first drink in 3 months. Its 88° out. I am feeling it. Lol. Quite the buzz
  5. I love that. Now that the little beasts are basically adults its hard to get a game going. How do you do it online?
  6. I grabbed this one, thinking it was the Original. I like this rendition. But, not as much as the original. Except for the lavender, I am not sure which note it is, there is a note that is very bright on my skin. It tends to overtake the scent and me. Its not terrible. But, it pokes at me. It can get intrusive. Fragrance wise this version is not as soothing on my skin. But, it is restorative. That pokey note makes it a bit more invigorating which is ok. But not quite the effect I was looking for based off the origional.
  7. I never saw this. Its pretty easy though. On a man... #1 Dark Desires Then in no particular order; Tonka Musk Top Dog H200 oh (you know what I mean) Lucero Xavier Pinnacle ILori (sp?) Probably 1 or 2 I am forgetting.
  8. Please keep telling me this... I practically needed a fainting couch yesterday. Seriously. I know shit happens. I was like, Aww when I heard about Bang. But, I knew I'd survive. But, GOTCHA is my total jam in a specific area and nothing else does that. My heart litterally started beating fast. It is just so magically effective for me. Sorry to get hysterical, can't help it. Breathing.. in...out... None in shop. I looked immediately when I saw this topic here. Just trying to stay calm now.
  9. StacyK

    Toujours Belle

    IKR! Its AMAZING at that point. On my skin that lasts a good while too. Very grrr...
  10. Ha ha.... This one is so intresting. I keep going back to the vial for a sniff.
  11. StacyK

    Tangy Ylang 2019

    Are you sure you are not going scent blind? It happens without even knowing it. I have been going long stretches, fragrance free, related to health issues. I can tell you that when I put on fragrance now, I instinctively use far less than I did. I did not even realise it at first. I get more off subtle fragrances than I did before. Some last noticeably longer etc. I'm using far less over all with all scents. I also get over powered with too much scent. Overall, I feel like its given me a new appreciation for perfume. Maybe take a week off to reset your nose. Just to make sure.
  12. Omg. I missed that in the "SS4W" discussion. I would have bought a ton if back stock had I known. I am totally devastated by this. I can do without the others or find subs. But, Gotcha was my win, win! The secret weapon. I just can't... omg
  13. @Potion Master is Gotcha still available? 🤔
  14. On my skin, this is the Frenchy of the collection. I really get a French parfume here. Like I just wandered into some petit magasin a paris and bought a little bottle of indy perfume. The almond is on top at first. The other notes are tightly woven and I get that smooth, light base of patch drift up a moment later. The longer dry down is something of a close embrace with foody and non-foody notes tightly intertwined together. The Ylang and cream are more of a feeling. All so discreetly settled together on my skin. This is what light and weighty feel like together. Very yin/yang. The fragrance insists on being present. But, is not overbearing. Its not trying to define me. IMO its almost a part of the LP variant type. LP French? Romantic, sweetly sophicated, pretty and smooth.
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