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  1. hi there and welcome!
  2. thanks guys! I'm also here to say that I have just placed my first order! I'm so happy and can't wait untill the day my PP is cleared!
  3. you all seem to be so sweet :bizoo: so I will tell you what I'm up to! these I MUST try: Ivory's Pixie Garden bottle! Angel of Spring Spring Equinox Taxed Miasma Egg (I know, only 3 samples left) Fairy Massacre Wishcraft Betrothal Southern Gothic Une Woman (not sure) *from the phero ones: Cuddlebunny bottle! (if I go a bit weird maybe even 2..) Pherogirl super Pherogirl? Forever After Breaking the Ceiling Communication Potion (not sure) Scandilous Intentions Me Jane so yeah, dunno if I will get ONLY samples, maybe a bunch of bottles but I'm not very rich.. so the for sure bottles will atleast be Cuddlebunny and that Pixie Garden! oh yeah and also some of the sugared ones.. I have a few sugared bottles from BPAL and I love love love them so I really can't wait to try these ones out (I mean wow, sugared honeysuckle??!! )
  4. well, I've read it and now I'm starting to get afraid to use them if they're here! heheheh no.. corse not! I will def. use them all up, it will be just me and the boys>>
  5. oh.. well.. I dunno anymore where that one is atleast it was somewhere in te reviews, I've been reading more in the mean time btw!
  6. omg guys! you are al SO sweet! and wow.. this forum has major-activity! YAY! I am really looking forward to it all and yes, I am almost sure I'll be addicted in no time! the scents sound to good to be true! thank you for the all adviced ones , I'll look them up! and Terry I will defenitly do post it if something happens! heheheh
  7. Hi guys! :angelstar-kaos058: I just found this a day ago and am SO curious & ecxited about those oils! seen this in a topic on the BPALforum and read an amazing lovestory.. so went off to the website to see for myself what there is to try! can't wait to order, will probably start by getting me some good samples! I am a real flowerscent and clean scents loving girl, so maybe some advice for me? already found Cuddlebunny, Queen Lap, Manifestation, Sweet Valentine & Forever After <3 I am in Europe, love a lot like: dancing my ass off when I'm busy training for modern ballet, cooking & eating things like sushi, drinking things like cocktails and last but defenitly not least, perfume oils and offcorse all sorts of nice cosmetic goodies oh and btw, I am highly interested in the pheromonestuff! (one of the beautiful reasons I came here in the first place)
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