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  1. Interesting =D The fuzzy citrus sounds good. I just don't usually do good with baby clean type of smells. I was told I smell like baby wipes with just a lil spray I tried something in a small vial similar to that just a dab and I do think I need to get used to it because it also makes me more tired and lazy.
  2. Thank you everyone I actually haven't been able to test it much. You would think I would have used the items more by now, but I haven't been wearing perfume lately. Been busy and haven't really been around many people lately The Sneaky Clean I put up for swap/sale just because I think the combination of what is in it plus the fact I don't usually do well with clean scents. I should have known better! Oh and quite honestly, my reaction to squeaky clean had made me a bit leary of trying the rest lol I just put my first dab of Pink Covert Cops behind my neck which I don't think should bother me as much since I like the smell of Pink Sugar I'll update as I test the items out more.
  3. Ok thank you! I sprayed around my neck That would explain it. I felt tired and just weird and fuzzy for awhile.
  4. First time here and received my first order today My order consisted of full Sneaky Clean w/phero spray and overt cops pink. Also samples of Rocket Fuel, Honeyed Love Potion, Love Potion Pink, Sugared Roses, Like a Magnet, and Overt Cops Gold. I did spray the Sneaky Clean 3 times on me to see how it smelled. I noticed my head felt foggy/fuzzy right away. Is that normal? Any tips?
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