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  1. Thanks so much for your help again Dolly! I had NO CLUE that it was specifically copulins that smell. For some reason I assumed that it was all pheromones. Also, thanks for the EOW in hair warning! :banana-computer:
  2. Thanks Dolly & Curious (and everyone else) for the tremendous amount of help! Curious: I've been given a lot of recommendations on LP scents I would like in this thread, so I am excited to be ordering and trying them shortly! =) Btw, I tried BI & EOW on my bf, and upon seeing me he could NOT keep his hands off me, even though we were in public. This behavior is coming from a guy who is always controlled and careful about everything he says and does. Any sort of inappropriate touching in public has always been off-limits until BI & EOW!
  3. Hi all! Like i said in my other thread, I own EOW and BI (both oil based). After a 25 minutes of dry-down, I apply a cover (either oil based perfume or alcohol). I found that this method works incredibly well on my bf, who gets close to me to catch whiffs of the pheros, but what about more "social pheros," like swimming with sharks, drop your guard, popularity potion? I'm worried that in order to hide the smell, I'd have to let the pheros dry down (perhaps too well), and the pheros would not affect others as much as I'd like. I read that using the pre-mixed pheros on LP help with di
  4. Hi everyone! I took your advice, and am pleased to say that I can now use EOW and BI! I realized that previously I was not allowing the cops & BI to dry down adequately. In addition, I would cover the EOW/BI with oil based perfumes that would mix with the pheros and sit on my skin, never fully drying down. Now I allow a 25-30 minute dry down time, and coverage is easy as cake! Also, i noticed that if I let the pheros dry down well enough, I can cover with alcohol based perfumes, and there's no problem of bleed through. I'm excited to once again be an active user of LP pheros!
  5. I've applied 1 small swipe of BI and EOW on each wrist. I've allowed it 30 minutes to dry, and I've covered it with Harajuku Girls Music. I literally dont smell any pheros yet, so I'm really quite happy! The skin on my wrists is less oily than my cleavage and neck. I'm going shopping/out now, and will report my results!
  6. I would love to trade for some (or purchase) CFM, curious. I think i tried purchasing it about 1/2 a year ago, and it was not available then. Will try pm'ing you. -- Oops just tried pm, and it's disabled. What i have available to trade: BI, EOW, a sample vial of Sugared Forest, and sample vial of Pherogirl (not sure if it's normal or Super pherogirl - i can check if you're interested). All of these are in the old oil form. From androtics: Instant Sexiness A & B, Instant Honesty, Instant Openness, and Instant Shine. I currently don't have any empty vials or any supplies to split
  7. WOW thank you for all the great responses! I prefer LP Oils over androtics for many reasons, but have had to resort to androtics lately because i could NOT get EOW and Blatant covered, so I stopped using them. The main reason that I switched to androtics was that I tried covering with scents that many people recommend (honey, sugary/sweet stuff like Aquolina pink sugar), and the cover scents did not appeal to my 2 targets AT ALL (there's only 1 target now), but they both go completely GAGA over the smell of Instant Sexy A (Neroli), which is more of a masculine smell that can be worn by bot
  8. Hey all! I placed an order a while back for EOW and Blatant Invitation. I used Aquolina and Lolita Lempicka as covers. Sadly, everyone said, "Eeeew what's that smell?" I also tested it on my brother (who would be honest to me) and he told me that I stink. I applied EOW and Blatant on neck, cleavage and wrists, and let it all dry down for 15 minutes, then I used TONS of Aquolina or Lolita to cover, but neither would fully cover the pheros. After a while the perfume would wear off and the pheros would bleed through again. I know pheromones work, and I don't want to give up yet. Are there a
  9. Hi! Is there any way to find out how many micrograms of pheromones are in each bottle? I would like to compare to others...thanks! :dancingfruits0nm:
  10. Thanks! I just did that! Hopefully i get the samples!. =) I asked for: 1. Pherogirl 2. Cuddle Bunny 3. Pherogirl:super (in case one of the 1st two are out of stock) I'm also dying to try CFM but it's out of stock. Does anyone know when it should be available again?
  11. Thanks everyone! I placed my order on Oct 23, for EOW oil & Blatant Invitation. I also requested the 3 free samples, but forgot to add my username into my paypal note, so i hope it goes through ok. I'm so excited I cannot wait to try them! I've only used Instant Sexiness A in the past and I've had great success with it! I'm really excited to try a higher amount of cops to see if I can heat things up more. =) I have several perfumes that I'm going to try to cover EOW with: Lolita Lempicka Light Blue Sweet Temptation (Victorias Secret) Angel Love Spell (Victorias Secret) I also o
  12. Hi! I read that Essence of a Woman (the NON oil based version avail. elsewhere) is less stinky these days! What about the EOW oil based version here? Is it less stinky also? THANKS! =)
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