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  1. Thanks all. I am lucky with finding scents my man loves. he never liked perfume til LPMP...he now loves Fayha, Premeditated Passion, and Cupidity. Yes i ordered the big bottles of those.
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been trial and erroring with pheros and cops, so my apologies for taking so long to follow up on the phero girl. So i shook the PG as reccomended and still no luck...I still smelled like pee. I had to give that one up. I've also tried OCCO SLF and still...peeee. (that was actually a rather embarrassing experience). I went to using my EOW cops with cover scent (or not), and no pee or bad smell after melting in...strange right? So I then decided to take a chance and try Compromising Position with sexpionage (WOW!!!). No pee smell at all, so I then ordered unscented sexpionage (yes it's really that awesome!) and no prob with the pee either. I have found that i need to be very carefull with the honeys as they tend to bother me. Also I'm very careful now with what I mix with cops as I think its just my chemistry that makes it not mix well. The honeys bother me but also don't seem to smell nice at all on me. So again just my chemistry. There's so many other fragrances to choose from and I have ordered many big bottles from ordering the trials. I absolutely love LPMP!!! Anyway, hope you're all well and in good spirits. Hope my feedback helps.
  3. LMAO!!!!! Nothing like a good laugh to get you through the day. Love it!!! Stalk me like you mean it!
  4. Oh and I forgot to mention, my husband is an older man and he loves the Cougar. I had a sample and he told me to get the big bottle, also the big bottle of Cuddle bunny. He's never really been into fragrances but he really likes the LPMP products. He says they don't assault his nose the way most perfumes do. Cool huh?
  5. Thanks a bunch everyone! You've all been very helpful. today is just plain scent, taking a break from pheros and cops...and honey. i think the honeyed ptions bother me. Did i read somewhere that its possible to have allergies with the honey or bee pollen? as far as the cops go I seem to do well with the EoW with a cover scent and it smells fine. Anyway i have lots of samples and today I'm wearing Bayou musk and I absolutely love it. Every time I think I have found a favorite I try a new one and add to my list of favorites. Cougar really is my first fravorite so far though. And for the record this is the first group forum I,ve ever joined and I have to say i woke up looking forward to seeing how everyone was doing and the tips and advice. Thanks again!!!
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome!! It smells like pee on me too. I'll try it again with shaking it as I wasn't aware of that. I think that honey might be a factor as well. I'll try it different ways and see. I may just not be able to wear it. You guys are great with getting back to questions, I'm very grateful for that.
  7. LOL! I'm always glued to my arm these days!!
  8. I've been ordering from LPMP for a short time now but it's every week now, so i thought I would make it official and join the forum. I love their products and have ordered several samples to try along with some bigger bottles if I love the scent. I absolutely love the Cougar potion, Cuddle Bunny, and Fleurs de Vanille (which I hope turns out to be a permanent edition rather then limited). I'm also quite fond of the Compromising Position. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and thank Mara for making it so we could all talk and ask questions and also to meet new people. I do have a question though, some of the pheros don't smell very nice on me at all. The ones i listed above do smell great on me and my husband loves them which says a lot because he's never been a fan of perfume. the Phero girl smells bad on me and I say this knowing that everyones chemistry is different so please don't take this as a review. What makes it smell bad on a person?
  9. I Love the samples! New to pheros but trying them out. i'm very interested in these private editions I'm hearing about. Thank you Mara for all your help, as I have been ordering like crazy...I'm hooked!
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