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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies! Guess it's all about my own insecurity. Whith so many pretty young things around, I just keep thinking: What does he want with me. There is this really strong physical attraction, sparks flying and all. But is that enough? i'll just see what happens. Thanks again!!
  2. Well, here's an update on my dancing buddy: Been wearing BI a lot and at some point he dropped the dance, came straight at me, and now I know that there's a definite interest. Definitely a very sensual one. But, and here's a big but for me, I also found out he's younger than me. By six years. And now I'm not so sure I want to follow up on this. Felt like foxy lady one minute, felt like old hag the next. Gotta think this over real good.
  3. Hi, all, thanks for the warm welcome. Everyone's just so sweet here! Makes me feel all cuddly and relaxed. And boy do I need to be relaxed!!! So glad my first order arrived and I got to do a test run on target guy. He's been driving me nuts this past week, I tell ya. At one point I felt like just hitting him over the head with a tray or something and asking him straight up what his deal is. Managed to restrain myself though and instead decided to just blast him with a nuzzlefull of Blatant Invitation. I knew allota other gals would be around, and I did not feel sweet and lovable. The choice just fit my mood. And, wow, the smell all by itself really made my eyes water but wirh my favourite perfume on top: all good. Wanted to send a clear message. Did it work? Weeeelll. He was friendly alright. He stepped up close to me. Was around me a lot, hovering, talking, drawing out the time he could be there. I made sure I stayed right close to give him a good wallop of Ms Blatant. I felt like a hunter setting a trap. Closer, closer...snap! HE was definitely a little more blatant than usual, looking me in the eyes a lot. Spending more time around me. Talking more than usual. Even taking up some unnecessary errands so he had a reason to come back. Hmm. All in all, I had "more" of him than in he past days. But no decisive move yet. When he had the chance to talk to me alone at last, what can I say: dude bailed. I was annoyed, but by now I think: okay, be like that. You'll just be my guinea pig from now on. When I see him next week, I plan to thoroughly cuddlebunny him. Oh, and I had a few double takes today. One man just stood there kinda smitten looking for all the world like I had just hit HIM over the head with a tray.
  4. Hey, guys, thanks so much for all the tips. I was out on a charity event all day n night yesterday and just got up to find all your posts. So today I will engage in the delicious task of putting together a new order. Will read some of the threads first - which I really enjoy a lot. I should receive my first order next week, and I'll report back with testing news. Oh, and about someone else reaping the rewards of the pheros (talk about cops & robbers!), I'll make sure he knows where it's coming from. ;-) Thanks again, and I'll let you know what happens. I'm already having fun planning my attack (and yes, Luna, who knows if I'd go to such lenghts if he was just as sweet to me as most of the other guys...)
  5. Hi, guys, since I'm at it, here's another question: if you wear phero / cops perfumes, does it ever occur that someone other than you profits from it? Like, say, the glorious conconction u wear raises his hormone levels and gets him all hot and bothered but then he takes someone else to lunch and they receive all the pleasant effects? Or does he zone in on you and you only? I finally managed to leaf through the whole list of goodies at love potion, falling in love with all kinds of mixes, and then this thought crossed my mind. Sorry, short deviation from my actual topic. I'd really like to find something that gives me a break from beating around the bush. There he is, always making sure that I notice him, throwing saucy remarks at me when there's people around and then when I come up to him one on one it's like I walk into a glass door. Has been somewhat frustrating so it'd be nice to have the scent do all the talking and me not getting a bloody nose in the process.
  6. I love fruity smells, mango and orange, also vanillary and sugary stuff. I'm not sure about him, he's definitely an alpha-male, very chivalrous and protectively nice with other ladies. Just so confusing (confused?) around me. I guess he likes sexy scents that give off a very feminine aura. Reacts to feminine outfits like tight skirts and high heels.
  7. Hi, SpriteLeigh, thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I've been eyeing Gotcha, it sounds right, I'll probably add it to my next order. Don't mind your asking at all: I live smack in the middle of Europe.
  8. Hello, everybody, I've just joined this forum, and after reading tons of posts I'm really excited. I haven't received my first order yet, since I live sooo far away, but I can't wait to try the scents and pheros that are on the way. Now I already learned about dry-down and that pheros and cops only enhance what you've got, and I'm looking forward to playing and having fun with this. I am naturally very outgoing and social and ususally pretty secure in who I am as a woman. I'm also used to getting a lot of male attention, from guys I know and from total strangers. That being said, there's this one guy that's been giving me the one step forward three steps back move for a while. No idea why this intrigues me, it's like some kind of game, kinda fun, but also vexing. There's flirting, "accidental" brushes against me, ambiguous remarks, but when I respond in kind: see him run. So I've been thinking about adding some pheros and cops to this game. Right now I can't tell if he'a just a tease, he's definitely not shy. I'm a little tired of tackling this in my mind and with actions, so I want to give him a come on without actually saying so. And if he still runs, I'll just let him. So, are there any recommendations what kind of mix I might try? I have Cuddle Bunny and BI coming towards me, but I'd be really grateful for some suggestions from the experienced crowd. Thank you!
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