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  1. Kitty, for me Gotcha and DHEAS are no contradiction at all. Gotcha has a calming effect in the sense that it relaxes people to be more social, making for an easy, accessible mood. Everybody is less guarded and interactions are light and pleasant. Add DHEAS, and it makes the whole thing sparkle and even more fun. At least that's what I experience.
  2. Not only do Gotcha + DHEAS work magic for me, I recently discovered another combo that had an even more stunning effect. Since I usually pick something different every day or put in pause days without any phero, I always put the bottles back into their drawer at night. One recent morning I put on my Roll-on Gotcha and grabbed a spray bottle that I thought was DHEAS. At work, I put on two spritzes without looking at the label. And resposes became intense almost immediately. For one, the flirtation was amped to a level seldom experienced even at my crazy workplace. And I had enormous self-effec
  3. I used to think Bang gave me the most hits, but Gotcha has topped it by far. And it's very different, cause it opens up pretty much everybody to you. With Bang, it's confident men who will come up to me, chat, give me compliments. With Gotcha even the shy ones try to get close. I had a DIHL moment today at the elevator. It's getting to be cold, so I had a nice warm coat on, and Gotcha underneath. And after a brisk walk, there must have been a cloud of it surrounding me. A coworker that I rarely have any business with, but we know each other, stood there and looked at me like he was seeing a mi
  4. Gotcha has become my favourite to wear to work. The effect is stunning, everybody's just super nice to me. Once a week I have to sit down with one of my bosses to talk over a recent project, and he gets irritated if I contradict him too much. It's my job to bring up these points if I think or know a move is wrong, but he still gets edgy and has a sharp tone. With Gotcha though: none of that. I've been wearing it to the meetings for several weeks now and he has been a lamb. Smooth sailing all the way and we resolve every issue smiling. Another guy who is a real grump and very distant emotionall
  5. I tried the combo two days ago, and it left me feeling confused. I get really good self effects with most pheros, this time I was just kinda duh? But people responded really well. I kept getting compliments and even gifts at work (chocolate, coffee, plums) and my colleagues were beyond sweet to me. Adorable!
  6. What's this about pairing Gotcha and LFM? I'm seriously tempted... I recently got the SS4W cause I had such good hits with Bang and with Mara's Rocket Fuel. It's a perfect fit for me, it's the cool, fun girl vibe, gives me a hottie appeal without being overly sexual. If I want to twist it in that direction, a few dabs of OCCO will do the trick. I got Pop Potion as well, gave it one try so far, but no hits to speak of. LFM works for me, too, but it's very different from the sexy approachable fun vibe that SS4W spreads. When I wear it I feel like a queen or at least a duchess. I also put it
  7. Aaaah, I love my fresh bottle! How could I ever go without it? Last week I wore SS4W and topped it off with literally a ton of DHEAS. Everyone who came into my office stayed to chat, even the ubergrumps, and people were really connecting, beaming at each other, friendly, charming, obliging. Two male coworkers asked me to come to lunch with them, and we had such a blast. Laughs and jokes and funny stories and I was showered with compliments. The afternoon got almost wild, my colleagues were teasing and giggling like a bunch of teenage girls, at some point I had to rein everybody in, cause we ne
  8. I am also not squeamish about wearing the sexier pheros to work, but I make sure not to overdose. Also, I live in Europe, in many ways we have very different social codes and some things are a bit more relaxed (nudity in spas or topless bathing are the rule, for example). And flirting in office environments, well, lets just say, a day when I don't get a compliment is the exception. I love SS4W and Bang, they make me feel great and give me fantastic hits. Every phero makes for a different vibe, these two just make me super fun and just the right amount of saucy to draw guys in effortlessly.
  9. Maroon

    Egg 2014

    Love the Egg 2014! I got one in the sale, liked the scent well enough, and decided it to wear it a few days in a row. At a party, we sat around the fire outside and the warmth really amped it. Husband came close and said: did you put on more perfume? You smell great! And the other day at an outing, after a vigorous walk, one of the ladies next to me got all excited: what's that smell? It's sooo Lovely! Great foodie scent that really blooms with increased body heat!
  10. Hello, there & welcome! The expert ladies have already given you great advice. I feel for you in your situation, and I understand your wish to coax a reaction from your ex. I guess the best thing with pheros is to be playful with them and experiment a bit, one at a time. The focus should be on you first. See what you are in the mood for in the morning, and make your pick. And let it work with and for you without checking for reactions. And then the hits may surprise you. It's like a water kettle coming to a boil: if you watch it, it seems like it takes forever. But if you leave the room t
  11. Rocket Fuel really has a great throw, and it's so delicious. People never think its a perfume, they walk by my room at work, saying: what's that smell? It's so good! Did someone bring dessert? Then they try guessing the flavour. Nobody ever comes up with maple, but I had every response from chocolate pudding to walnut caramel.
  12. Took this one out for a spin today with amazing results. I love Bang, but since I tend to mindlessly slather, I thought SS4W might be good for office days. I have really grown fond of puttin pheros on the back of my neck and also along my inner arms. I did add some OCCO to one wrist, for good measure. And since I usually bustle about before I leave for work, my body temperature amps the pheros nicely. And today, people all around noticed me as if I was covered in sparkly gold glitter. Literally everyone in the streets that I passed looked up, stared, and wouldnt look away. Same on the tube, I
  13. Since I have this fresh bottle, I have been using it on all kinds of occasions. We recently had a meeting with old neighbours and family friends, and I wore some Gotcha and just a dab of Levitation under Marigold and Amaranth. It worked like a charm. The mood was light and easy, and at the same time, everyone I had a conversation with didn't want to leave my side. People were just sweet and engaging, and later took a long time to say their goodbyes. Some were halfway out the door, but just continued talking. It was a hot day, so I guess I had a good throw with the pheros. A few of the guys loo
  14. I got Gotcha UN with my last order and I'm glad I did so. I had it mixed in a scent before, but the pure stuff worked some magic for me yesterday. There was animated chattiness at the office, at the same time I got a lot of things done. I refreshed in the afternoon and added one sole spritz of DHEAs. Had a doctor's appointment, she is very good, but mostly very professional and down to business. She was downright sweet yesterday, asking about my vacation and giving me extra tips on how to save money on stuff I need to buy. At home things got absolutely silly with husband, we joked and cuddled
  15. Here's a little bump for a great phero. I hadn't used much of Perfect Match, somehow always went for the sexier pheros in the arsenal. But since my supplies were waning, I wore it to work twice this week, and the interactions have been so smooth and friendly and caring that PM is now a staple for work! A great go-to when you know things will be stressful. And I've noticed something else, husband was decidedly less grouchy in the evening. He's a growler after a long day, and sometimes est blends put him even more on edge. But PM mellowed him out completely. I have it in Jungle Colada, which now
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