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  1. Tantric Butterfly delivers, this fragance is one that I will never run out of, along with Tail. These two fragances have kept my phone buzzing. I even got a proposal, and gifts galore. These two gifts would make great stocking stuffers. Ladies Keep Up The Good Work.
  2. I tried Cleo's Blend, and got great responses from any one I came into contact with. This scent lingered for hours I will definately buy it again. It's a must have for anyone who likes a heavenly scent. :kyrii_maraquan_action:
  3. Is there a parents blend to ease tension with kids ? If so let me know I have three daughters 25, 18, amd 13.
  4. I will be adding this to my order, it sounds womderful. I can't wait to see what responses I get. So far everything I purchased from Love Potion has been out of sight.
  5. :angelstar-kaos058: Careful when wearing this I got guys and girls asking for my number with this on. This is a fragance I will never run out of, all the attention I wanted. Not only in the club, or the market, I even had guys following me around in the library.
  6. Wow I would like to say Sexology Delivered. It could actually be called Sex In A Bottle, I was actually getting winks from across the room when I wore it. It could have something to do with my Body Chemistry lol, but it really worked great for me.
  7. I received a sample of Phero Girl Wildflower with my last order, wonderful scent truly beautiful. A fragance had everyone near me asking how to purchas it, I got all the attention I wanted and more. My next purchase will be Sexology, Phero Girl Super, will post results as soon as I try them. :angelstar-kaos058:
  8. I received my Cougar Potion loved the response I got from wearing the product. The results I got were off the chain. Needless to say, I had phone numbers handed out to me as if people we applying for jobs. Lost for words, will buy the product again in the near future. Misty
  9. Lends a vigorous *sparkle* to the wearer that gives off an aura of ageless youthful fertility. This pheromone blend is known to sexually stimulate the wearer as well. I am excited and waiting to receive my first bottle of Cougar Potion. I have never worn UNSCENTED products, are there any suggestions on wearing them. I'm not sure how much to apply I don't want to wear too much. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Misty702 :dancingfruits0nm:
  10. This is a great scent; I never plan to run out. I have actually had people pass by me and back up wanting to know what I was wearing. The scent is so appealing they not only wanted purchase it for themselves, but to give as gifts. I really got more attention than I bargined for. Mzt702 :dancingfruits0nm:
  11. Hello, just a short note introducing myself. I am a Scorpio, student of life, l love art, music, sports, and I write poetry. I truly enjoyed the products that I have tried so far; Forever After, and Nakai Nectar both fragances are wonderful. I can't wait for my next order. I am trying " Phero Girl", since I am a Scorpio this fragance sounds just like me. I am lalso looking forward to sampling Cougar Potion, Cuddle Bunny and Me Jane. Mzt 702 :banana-computer:
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