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  1. I'm with you Amalthea. I get the best selfies with SS4W out of all the pheros, and I've tried just about all of them at this point except for a couple. It is definitely my go-to phero. Selfies and responses from others both male/female are much more pronounced with SS4W Rocket Fuel than anything else.
  2. THIS... I can't wait to try this out! Restraining myself from a FB purchase right now. I just picture sunshine summer day in a bottle. And I'm so tired of cold and wintry weather that I just want to jump in feet first! To echo Blackcat, any thoughts on spray vs. roll on in terms of what it does to scent? Or do the rules apply as usual?
  3. I was hesitant to get is because of the rose. My grandmotherly kindergarten teacher eons ago wore a very strong pure rose perfume and while it is lovely, I equate it with old lady. But I got this and was so pleasantly surprised. It was sweet and tart against a floral background. Not too overtly flowery though as it mixes with the sweet/tart very nicely. In fact, it reminds me of a drink. My mother makes her own version of a hot toddy and would give it to us when we had sore throats and heavy chest congestion. It was hot tea with orange juice, honey, lemon or lime juice (depending what she had on hand) and a capful of brandy. The scent of Pizzaz reminds me very much of this tea. It is lovely!
  4. This stuff is the truth!! I love Mara's Rocket Fuel III. It is a rich, syrupy, brown sugary honey scent that lasts for friggin eva! I can put it on one day and still smell it the next morning until I shower. It is sweet, but rich like some sort of fancy caramel confection. Not Russell Stover, but some specialty boutique confectionery gourmet caramel. It took me a few times to try my sample, but once I GOT it... I GET it and it GETS me. And the phero? My only experience with SS4W is through this blend. It makes me feel womanly and sexy for real. I get an extra wiggle in my hips for sure. As a matter of fact, I found myself singing "She's a Brick.... House! She's mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out!" in my head as I walked in to work the last time I wore it! And the head swivels are off the chain when I wear this. Hits galore in the grocery store. It was actually rather comical! Maybe it was my "I'm the shit" attitude and resulting swagger. But, I'm pretty certain it was the phero. I have tried it several times, and same thing. Full bottle of this for sure!
  5. Thanks DD! I can't WAIT for November!!
  6. Good topic. I've been paying a lot of attention to this over the last few months. I am with Eggers, in that anything with none in it REALLY ramps up the maniacal raging bitch. I have been tracking my cycles and related mood swings for a few years, trying to figure out why I go Jekyll and Hyde. I start PMS about 10 days out, and the first few days are the worst. Balm Bomb is nice for this time of the month. Keeps Cruella DeVille subdued for the most part. The other thing... I am either raging, anxious and short tempered or weepy. Not usually weepy though. As long as I am not weepy, Est heavy blends work well in the days leading up to my period and the first few days. Lace and a est/cops blend are my go tos along with the balm bomb. I was doing some reading last month on hormones and such trying to figure out why, and learned that our estrogen levels are the lowest on the first day of period. This makes sense, that as it estrogens drop off and until natural levels build back up, that est heavy blends work well for me. It also keeps some peace in my house as my SO is more likely to cuddle with me rather than respond negatively to my bitchy attitude. I wouldn't recommend this for everyone though. Particularly if you tend to be a weepy, emotional PMS'er.
  7. Thanks BlueBear. I don't get any self effects from this. Well... If anything, I noticed feeling irritable and bitchy. Though, I wasn't sure if it was because of where I was in my cycle, so I couldn't really blame it on Gotcha. PMDD starts kicking my ass abut 10 days out from my period, and it's a toss up of whether I'll be weepy, bitchy, sleepy, or nervous. Usually a blend of all. Maybe it just so happens that the days I'm reaching for this, are the days I NEED a bit of the oomph that I'm hoping that Gotcha will give me, but in actuality, just makes the oncoming crankiness worse. The whole congruency issue at play. I may try this right after my cycle ends. I feel the most normal for that week. That's about all I get, after hemorrhaging for ~10 days. ::insert le sigh:: I'll keep playing, and recording the results.
  8. I have tested Gotcha several times and just don't seem to get ANYTHING. I haven't posted here much but have been lurking and reading on the boards for months. Been playing with pheros myself for about 4-5 months, so I AM a newbie, but not THAT new. Anyhow, I just don't seem to get hits with Gotcha. I wanted so much for this to work with me! I have tried wearing a little (dab to the wrists), a little more, and tried wearing a lot. ...a lot being a lollipop on my torso and some dabbed on wrists, smooshed around. Maybe I need to play around more with the middle ground. I have it in the silicone roll-on. I've mainly worn this with my guy, but maybe I'll try it more publicly and see what happens. I've paired it with LP Pink which I love. Any suggestions?
  9. Hey Storms, I ordered BI for the same reason as you. I was hoping for "softer" than sexpionage. My man is an alpha type man, and I wasn't sure how he would respond to Sexpionage. Est heavy blends make him very touchy and huggy, so I know he responds well to the est. BI... Knocks him across the head. On more than one occasion, I have been attacked (in the most positive way!) while waiting for the BI to dry down before getting dressed. In fact, I have learned to make sure I put my fragrance cover on at the same time, just in case! The funny thing is, it makes him want to ...ahem... just please me. ...whether or not we go farther. BI was the first sexy blend I tried that got such a strong reaction out of him. BI made me a believer!
  10. Thanks guys. I figured this was the case, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  11. Hey guys! First post here. Been lurking for a while, the info here is priceless and LP products rock! Thank you all for sharing, experimenting, and helping! Would using Cuddle Bunny and SS4W together give the same effect as Bang?
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