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  1. As I was reading through this post I got question sparks... Anecdotally speaking, what does it mean to "OD" on a phero? What kind of cues or responses are typical of ODing? I was thinking this would be somewhat helpful to know because it would set a range. Also, I have read on a different forum (don't remember how I came across it) that when adding pheromone blends to a fragrance (aka "boosting" right?) you can actually split it between 2 different fragrances? Is this true? If so, how what would you write in the notes box?
  2. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I'm on the boat you're on!!! Have been reading pretty extensively just to prepare myself and am still not prepared and I'm almost ready to make a second order. Everyone's been so helpful already and I'm really excited to walk through the phero world with so much excellent help as I'm sure you are too. I haven't really had much experience, but after seconding blue bear and the others, I would say since a lot of the scents are limited edition and you don't know how long they'll be around, you HAVE to try LAM/BAM in the Buttercream Peach blend... it's so awesome. The best part is smelling it as it changes on you since I've read everyone is different. Some smell more peach, others cream, some even get a little of the salty/sweet thing going on... it's a great "going out" blend.
  3. It's funny that you suggested this. I went home and tried LP Black that night and I finally figured it out. Many of the scents from the sampler start off EXTREMELY strong and it's very overwhelming. I feel like I'm drowning in a vat of liquid baby powder and I'm thiiiiiiiiiiis close to running around the house with a close pin on my nose. But as I waited patiently, LP Black in particular started to turn into this luscious wonderful, dark, complex scent that made me want to make out with my wrist. I found myself nuzzling it subconsciously while falling asleep. It was a very strange experience. It was everything I wanted in a scent... I would almost say it could be THE Rachel scent haha... heady, sexy, giving you literally the sensation of adoration and love. I couldn't help sniffing my wrist like a coke fiend until I had become desensitized to it. Just one problem: I really abhor that initial baby powder scent in the beginning. Is this something I should just deal with? Are there better areas to apply where I wouldn't be drowning in freshly applied oil at least till it mixes with my own body chemistry? On a completely unrelated note, TMI is slowly elevating itself in ranking - I swear I smell the faintest hint of chocolate. I'll definitely include some OCCOs in my next order. Also, as far as the spray thought, I'd like to clarify that I was thinking about cops in 60/40 mix but still applying it like an oil so it lays close to the skin and away from hair thinking that the diffusion/area of effect would be larger than that of oils. I thought this is what I picked up on in the LPMP FAQ. Would that not work like I think it does? Should cops just not be mixed with alcohol at all, period? Any thoughts or anecdotes would be greatly appreciated. I looked it up and I don't think Nymph is around anymore sadly, but you guys have definitely filled my suggestion card, so I'm super stoked and bound to get a hit off the list you and Molls provided for me Resins and incense I don't have much experience with but I'm totally open to try so I'll get a sample of OCCO black just for giggles. I think I am going to end up with a few Rachel scents yes. I'm slowly becoming more open to the idea... I didn't get the WHOLE Treasure of... just most of them XD The ones I didn't get were sapphire, amethyst and ruby. CAN'T WAIT FOR MY NEXT ORDER Also... should I start a different thread in a review section for further info? Or just keep with my welcome mat?
  4. Pretty awesome that you asked this because I was thinking the same thing when I was trying some of my samples... I try out my scents at a local dive bar near my house since I know most of the the people there and their reactions/feelings to me normally so I wanted to test the difference with pheros and then throw in some strangers into the mix since I about know what my expression/general aura is to most people. It's kind of standoffish when I'm not speaking/smiling and then "clinical/friendly" when I am unless very interested int he person/subject of conversation. I'm also a hugger so, people smell me pretty much when they come in since it's my way of saying hi. What I ended up assuming since all my samples are oils is that the effects are not given off to others since in order to really pick up on my perfume you have to be in very close physically or hug me... The bar that I frequent (it is a bar so factor in people's dull or heightened sense from inebriation) and there are lots of smokers... so that's a factor as well. It's also well ventilated... these are all things that I'm analyzing when I get home and make sense of the reactions from that night Look forward to your observations!
  5. Wow! Thanks for all the welcome! ^-^ Yup, I think I'm almost ready to take the gloves off with the pheromone experiments. For my first order I got the Top Selling Sampler Pack for women and samples for Promise and BAM Buttercream Peach Phero Blend. The gift that was included was the "A Treasure of" series and Premeditated Passion. HAHA, board of TMI... that's a good one. It is a little like the Library of Congress for scents and pheros in here I have confidence that I'll find that "Rachel" scent although with all the choices it might take me a while, hence I'm hoping all the wonderful and knowledgable ladies and gents can help me narrow it down a bit. The trial vials are HUGE! I'm so happy I can really test a scent thoroughly. Addiction, obsession, TMI... sounds romantic!! It's kind of vexing because some of the notes that I'm into are ones that I simply cannot stand once I apply it. I like floral, citrus/berries, sandalwood, vanilla, sweet, fresh/clean/rain/water, some honey and some musk. LPMP introduced honey to me, I've never come across it commercially so my opinion is still being formulated. I despise the "baby powder" scent. It smells very old and dusty on me, very cloying and not in a sexy way but more of a "AHHHHH! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF RUN AWAY!" way... The scents listed above are the ones that I've had experience with, I like them and they smell wonderful on me, there are others that are more "idea" based (like sexy, elegant, leather, seasonal, tropical, dry/sandy etc) that I just don't know about or have never experimented with and I feel many of those are uniquely LPMP. Foody/delicious I am neither here nor there about. Some of the commercial ones that I have owned are Davidoff's Cool Water for Women, Love Etc by Body Shop, Cassis Rose - Body Shop, Juicy Couture, Auric Blends Jasmine, Vanilla Rain, Water Lily and Lover's Moon. I think I've tried all the samples I have so far (save the freebies) and although I really like Love Potion Red in the bottle, the cinnamon and wood/resiny scents are very overbearing. This is the case with most of the scents in the sampler pack where I really like them in the vial but not so much on me. Many of the scents with musk/honey bases become baby powdery and many people have told me that although it is tolerable it reminds them of something their grandmother would wear :/ So far (in order of best smelling) BAM Buttercream Peach, Betrothal, Cougar, TMI, Cuddle Bunny Love Potion Pink and Sneaky Clean are the best all around (meaning all 8 hours of wear). Phero Girl, Love Potion Black, Love Potion Original turn into baby powder type scents, as does the ones that have cops in it but that's more towards the very very end of usage - if that makes sense. TMI I almost thought was THE Rachel scent... but I want the cops so bad... so I was thinking of maybe adding it later... BUT there are so many to try so why settle? Hehehehe. Another thing is my body tends to metabolize scents (even oils) fairly fast, and this is according to other people as I'm aware even though I can't smell it anymore, others can. However, oils will last about 6 hours from time of application to absolutely nothing. The phero adventures have been interesting. I've taken Ail's advice about "set it and forget it" and the observations are noteworthy Though I think for my tastes, I will want to buy pheros separately in an alcohol spray..... Any thoughts?
  6. Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm ecstatic to have stumbled upon LPMP! I get more obsessed everyday. While I was waiting for my first order I spent probably a solid 24 hours just scouring over the forums and descriptions. A friend had recommended BPAL to me in the past but I couldn't really muster the enthusiasm to try it out so in contrast I think I have found my niche and can't wait to get lost! My mom is very sensitive when it comes to smells and very vocal when it comes to her opinion about them and where they came from. As a result I didn't really get into scents until recently and of course the movie Perfume: Story of a murderer caused me to research about the process and different oils and stuff... The things that have remained consistent have been subtlety, endurance and originality. I am always in pursuit of that scent that is just, "Rachel." Recognizable, pleasant, makes you want to lean in and lasts pretty much the entire day... I realize what a tall order that is now that I see it all laid out on the screen haha. Anyways... that was probably TMI (and no, not wearing the scent) but I guess, hello and thank you in advance for your feedback!
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