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  1. I love how it smells on the bottle and I really enjoy how it smells but after awhile it transforms on my skin to soft sweet and feminine on my skin.That might be a deal breaker for me . Everything else is amazing but meh after it morphs on my skin.
  2. Oh Hey everyone, It been quite some time. I hope everyone is fine and dandy, tonight I busted out my Sorcerer sample and I wore a decent amount of it. I didn't get any noticeable selfies but I would say there is a general mood lift. I slathered that bad boy on my arms and my neck. Funny snoopy mentioned human velcro because I had similar effects with women that were in my vicinity. A female friend started get flirty and play fighting with me in the bar, basically having a mini food fight with ice cubes and gold fish. She had more fun than she would admit haha and it even led to me tickling her as well, just so you know we just don't touch each other. Like ever, not for hugs or anything at all . The other case was a waitress, Whenever I wear pheromones around her. No matter what, I get more attention, she calls me darling/sweet heart more and is much more receptive to me as a person. Actually before I started wearing pheromones to this place she was a shit waitress, if some pheromones is all I need to grease the wheel for good service so be it . I walk in the bar and she's busy because the place is packed, I'm just hanging out with my friends and she is constantly passing right next to me taking care of all the people at her tables. All of a sudden behind the bar she playfully throws a lime my way haha, compliments my hair cut and other banter. She has her own tables to take care off but she makes sure my drink is filled at the bar. I got back at her and put an ice cube down her shirt playfully and she called me a brat. She also always gets more touchy when I wear pheromones as well.Super for Men formula was no different she initiated a hug when I was on my way out . She loves to touch but only does it with people that she is comfortable around and that comes out especially when I wear pheromones. I never initiate but I gladly receive because that's how she communicates and she is by far my favorite at that place. I didn't get any compliments on the scent but I wore it for myself because I just love this scent. I was just relaxing with some friends but it definitely got fun, flirty and physical with the women that were exposed. They are just friends but it definitely made the night more fun
  3. This smells amazing the way the fruity notes while layered with other things. The tea notes last longer and are underneath the fruity tones, personally this doesn't really seem like a winter scent in my opinion. Maybe because its so stupid cold outside. If you enjoy fruity and water accords this is for you. The fruit just pops out to and it stick around for awhile on me, the tea notes stick around and become more prominent while the fruity notes are there just not as strong anymore. This was a unique and rewarding scent to me.
  4. Loki

    Evil in Carnation

    I have the EIC and I'm glad that I was able to get my hands on some of this. The first note that really stands out is the Carnation, if you know what it smells like you can smell it right away. After some of the top notes fade a bit it turns into something a bit darker IMO and you get more of the spicier notes available. This is really unisex and enjoyable
  5. I've worn this a couple times and the dry down is not necessarily masculine but it is 100% delicious. I think that my skin amps up the vanilla notes from this and I love smelling like this all day . The vanilla slightly boozy dry down note is amazing, this is hands down one of my favorite things to smell like.
  6. I would like to pose a very interesting question. Are there any extra's lol
  7. I got a sample of this with my order, it really changed my mind about aquatics. It smells amazing and dries down to a sweet sea scent, a light and refreshing and clean scent.
  8. QG's experience resonates the most with my experience. Its a softer green but the most noticeable note is the vanilla dry down note with the soft green scent. It smells amazing, a bit on the lighter side I also like the smell of the spices, it has a great scent.
  9. I never got a sample of this, I just went for the fb and I'm not disappointed. This isn't what I expected but I like this none the less. This smells like an Old Western through and through. Different parts of our skin amp different scents because of the PH level, my wrist and my forearms amp different things. My wrists smell amp up the smoky scent and my forearms smell like out doors its spicy and earthy This scent instantly changes my mood in a bit, I feel cool calm and a lil devious. Before the dry down, I felt like I had to sneeze. I don't feel like the good guy with this on, I really like the smoky note that is with it.
  10. Loki


    Evil in Carnation its on my want list, it has a ton of stuff I like to smell like .LOL you want a man to smell like a sponge cake, I can see why its not going to well . Nutrix send me some Odalisque and that stuff smells great on my skin. Fortune favors the brave and I'll definitely get around to testing a bunch of different scents
  11. Loki


    Do you guys think a guy could pull this off, its a little foodies than I'd like but it has a lot of darker tones that I'm interested in. Lots of scents are more Unisex than you'd think because it all comes down to skin chemistry at the end of the day.
  12. I learned something today and I laughed about other stuff, I never knew that was phrase offensive btw. I would say what QG wrote was accurate, it was more of an explanation of why my generation doesn't get it in general not an excuse for that type of behavior. As long as someone is willing to understand what they did/said was offensive it shouldn't be a problem. Becca your son isn't safe there is rap/dubstep crossover and I listen to it all the time lol. Educated people listen awful songs too, I'm guilty of that and I know I'm not alone. I also learned that magical vaginas are a great way to change the conversation lol
  13. Its funny that you mention that DD. My friend invited me to go see Grease at a Drive in Ferndale this week
  14. Another thing is that sometime we have to be cautious of the people that have the biggest open reactions to pheromones. Some of these people have less of social filter and may be more irrational or a lil crazy than they let on.
  15. I didn't specify but yes I tried it on my skin. The green notes were still too strong on my skin with the thick version of this.
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