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  1. i like the buttercream peach so far! not too sweet but sweet enough
  2. I've been testing out LFM for a while now and I'm having mixed thoughts. I get hits from people (usually they're very respectful and accommodating in an out of their way kind of way haha) but I only get slight self-effects from it. The effects I get is I feel like I'm a high class lady walking in her expensive high heels, carrying a prada bag and wearing D&G perfume. One of the first times I wore it, I was at the mall just looking around and I kept getting DIHL looks. Another time I went to eat with a friend and I think the waitress was flirting with me haha she would compliment me and ta
  3. Sneaky Clean smells sooooooooo good! XD It's one of the scents I really can't get enough of The super sexy in it makes me feel so girly (in a good way). Like that feeling you get when you're having a good day and you decide to just go shopping randomly and you see so many pretty things to try on or buy!!!
  4. I really wanna get a bottle of this! I have it in silicone with cops but I want a version without the cops. Debating on a spray or another silicone...
  5. Wow...just...wow. I have yet to try this out on the field (haven't found the right time) but this is STRONG. I have the tiny trial vial and I decided to put some on just to examine the self-effects. I was also around my male best friend while I had it (he knows I wear pheros). I wanted to jump him.... It gives me a feeling of promiscuity but very lively and talkative like everything I have to say is interesting haha I'll try this out again soon.
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