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  1. i like the buttercream peach so far! not too sweet but sweet enough
  2. I've been testing out LFM for a while now and I'm having mixed thoughts. I get hits from people (usually they're very respectful and accommodating in an out of their way kind of way haha) but I only get slight self-effects from it. The effects I get is I feel like I'm a high class lady walking in her expensive high heels, carrying a prada bag and wearing D&G perfume. One of the first times I wore it, I was at the mall just looking around and I kept getting DIHL looks. Another time I went to eat with a friend and I think the waitress was flirting with me haha she would compliment me and talk to me like I was the most interesting person she's met so far and kept looking at me with this admiration in her eyes similar to the look someone gets when they're talking to their crush. Both these times I had only worn two sprays of the 1x. Still testing out its limits as I type this and I think 5 sprays is as far as I can go. More than that and I get a headache I'm probably gonna stick to the 2-3 spray range.
  3. So I'm trying to plan out my next order and I really love both Dominance and Leather. Right now I have Dom in silicone and Leather in silicone with cops. I don't want to be wearing cops ALL the time when I wear leather so I was thinking of getting it w/o cops in a spray or another silicone. Buuut I also read that Dom has a different feel to it in spray version? Does Leather also feel different in spray? So basically I'm having a hard time deciding between Dom in spray or Leather in spray or silicone. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated <3
  4. Sneaky Clean smells sooooooooo good! XD It's one of the scents I really can't get enough of The super sexy in it makes me feel so girly (in a good way). Like that feeling you get when you're having a good day and you decide to just go shopping randomly and you see so many pretty things to try on or buy!!!
  5. I really wanna get a bottle of this! I have it in silicone with cops but I want a version without the cops. Debating on a spray or another silicone...
  6. Wow...just...wow. I have yet to try this out on the field (haven't found the right time) but this is STRONG. I have the tiny trial vial and I decided to put some on just to examine the self-effects. I was also around my male best friend while I had it (he knows I wear pheros). I wanted to jump him.... It gives me a feeling of promiscuity but very lively and talkative like everything I have to say is interesting haha I'll try this out again soon.
  7. I LOVE this fragrance. I thought it was going to smell too sweet, but it does lean more towards floral, which is my preference when it comes to fragrances definitely my favorite so far out of the all the samples I've received. I need to test out the Popularity Potion side of it more though.
  8. I had said yes to the host before I knew who was being invited D: The host is a close friend of mine and she's been working really hard to make her party great. Technically there's 3 hosts and one of them decided to invite the frats because I guess she's into those guys? Anyways, I debated about not wearing any also but I know myself and I'll probably end up wearing them anyways Dx (why you so addictive LP...) I was thinking about ordering some open windows as it seems like a great blend for parties but I've already ordered 4 this month I have a problem guys lol
  9. Welcome! How do you like Sweet Chic? I just ordered some of that too and waiting for it to come in X)
  10. So, this weekend I'm going to an "after Halloween party" with the majority of the people going being friends or at least acquaintances. From my understanding, my very girly(?) friend invited a lot of attractive but still douchey frat boys. I was already planning to wear some pheros to the party, but now that there's a group of pretty boys with ugly attitudes going, I get the feeling I'm going to get hit on and it's not going to be enjoyable for me. Any recommendations on what to wear? I'm thinking Dom to put them in their place (These would be the typical "I'm God's gift to all woman-kind" type of frat boys) I have Dom, Leather, and an order of LFM and Pop Potion coming in. And any suggestions for future orders are welcome
  11. I think Leather is me on an average day? So maybe that's why I don't really feel that much self-effects. It's basically me with cops? lol but Dom is like me with my big girl panties on XD And as of late night I've finally determined my sweet spot also need to find a great scent to accompany it!
  12. Yeah I was reading that a few nights ago, I may get that version next x) and I'll try the application points you mentioned earlier. Thanks Dolly!
  13. I'm still on the look out for a fragrance that I can wear and say it "suits me" lol so I feel your pain! So many to choose from. Before I ordered based off the descriptions of each and the pheros in them (I already had a basic idea what each does as I have already dabbled with them) I was choosing between Leather and Dom but Dom takes the cake for me. I love Leather for that slight "girly" feel but Dom...Mmm...oh Dom... Lol
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