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  1. I'm hanging out with my new crush and my old crush/roommate today. I've had some success with Gotcha! with him, unlike my roommate- he's verrry shy and reserved, and while we were talking last time he put his feet up on my leg (cute!) and told me things he probably shouldn't have about his friends (just silly stuff). Since I know that Gotcha! makes my roommate get into a bad mood and I won't be having any alone time with my crush today anyhow- you think Heart & Soul would be a good alternative? I want him to continue falling for me, I don't think he's there yet, this guy's so shy, though, it's hard to tell! EDIT: stupid mobile version- meant to post this in the advice forum.
  2. Any news on the move? I know the original plan was to open back up today. I hope things are well!
  3. Omnomnom! I'm Italian, and this smells almost exactly like my favorite Italian almond paste cookies. I get a hint of raspberries, but the vanilla and pistachio make a buttery cookie almondy... Hold on a second, I need to eat my wrist!!!! ... Okay, crisis averted. I may need to get a whole bottle of this.
  4. Sadly, no, it had all soaked into the labels. Also, I didn't want to rub any of it over me because there were little shards of broken glass everywhere!
  5. I got my big order finally! So I was like But then, as I was carrying the package in the house I was like "Hmm... I smell... Vanilla..." My Beth's Blushing Milkmaid sample D: And it destroyed all the other labels in the same bag, though that's not really a big deal. I know everyone's in the middle of moving, but what's the normal order of business when this kind of thing happens?
  6. Hey! I'm relatively new myself, but here's how I understand it. OCCO is just straight copulins, as Dolly said. Copulins don't mess with the "chemistry" of a blend the way adding more A-nol or Est etc. would. You can essentially wear OCCO with anything, just be careful if you're wearing something that already has cops as you wouldn't want to OD on them. Correct me if I'm wrong, somebody.
  7. I wore Leather last night to help my roommate put his computer together. The whole time, he was cheerful (granted, he was excited about his new computer) but also being very flirty ("It's no good when the socket is too loose- You need a nice... TIGHT fit" ) I.... I think I like!
  8. I got this as a sample in one of my latest orders. I have a hard time getting along with other women (Though I consider myself bi, I'd have a hard time having a relationship with a girl, I just prefer mens' personalities) so I figured I'd give this a shot. I was at the parents' house the other day, and my step sister who's much younger than me and hardly says a word to me, was asking about where I get my hair done, and how she should go there, cause it looks really good. I wouldn't MIND getting advances from women while wearing this, though...
  9. Yeah, the box that came today was actually my second order. Ah well! Hopefully my big order will come in the next few days!
  10. Stamps.com says the first one is delivered! Can't wait to get home x.x
  11. Ok- I'm getting confused... I DID get an email today, but this one supposedly had priority mail as well. Did the first one not ship, even though I got the mail on the 26th? I've been tracking it since then and it's stayed in Hollywood, I assumed (and hoped) they just werent updating because it was busy through the holidays. Today would be the cutoff day for it arriving on time via priority. OR Did the second package also get priority? I didn't pay for it...
  12. I got a notice for the order I placed on the 10th. I did a last minute order on the 24th and have not gotten a stamps.com email. I'll look for it On Monday. Also, I paid for Priority (on the first package only). When I've made orders in the past, I've been refunded for whatever the shipping didn't cost, but I didn't get a notice of that that time. Will that be happening?
  13. Today is two weeks since my first order. Crossing my fingers for an email today!!! ETA: no email. If they don't ship today I won't have my dheas for thanksgiving! Oh dread... Pllllease ship today!
  14. Also, for the record, if I wear SS4W, which has Est in it, he doesn't react negatively... So maybe it IS the B-nol...? If that's the case, am I going to have to worry about Open Windows?
  15. Made a last minute order with a few phero samples- Amongst them Open Windows and Treasured Hearts, as Dolly and a few others suggested.
  16. Still waiting for my notice... I need something indulgent in my life right now!
  17. Between your name and avatar I thought you were an animal crossing fan!
  18. YEAH RUB IT IN! Seriously though, not your fault. That's life!
  19. So nervous... This is the last day my package could ship and still get here on time.... *crosses entire body*
  20. Thanks, hah! Yeah, I'd rather it be the B-nol than the Est...
  21. I'm on the edge of my seat... Waiting for a shipping notice... I really want to have my stuff by Monday morning and I splurged on express delivery to try and make it happen... I'll be so sad if it doesnt
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