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  1. I meant to post my review but never got to it. This drives my DH wild! It is an instant reaction. If anyone is on the fence about getting this dont second guess yourself. Just go for it and you will be satisfied! (Pun intended ?) I apply it on my cleavage and his response is stronger after sniffing up close. Funny thing I have unscented Sexpionage as well but the hubby has a stronger reaction to CP than the unscented blend.
  2. Has anyone tried using commercial perfumes (Chanel etc.…) on top of unscented pheros? Would it diminish the effects of the phero? I have started using LPMP fragrances but still have old bottles of commercial fragrances and wondering if it is a good idea to mix.
  3. Thank you so much! Just made a big purchase! Cant wait to try it. In the meantime my work is piling up. ?
  4. I tend to get overwhelmed when I have a lot of things to accomplish in a day. Its almost like a brain fog. So far I have had luck with social sexual pheros. Is there one that helps with focus?
  5. That makes sense. I wore Sexpionage one night after my shower and headed to work early next morning. I was in a conference and noticed I got a couple of stares from people I usually am comfortable with. Is it ok with wear pheros with Cops every day? Can it lose its effect over time?
  6. I apologize if this was already answered or discussed. I could not find anything in my searches. Question: If I wear Sexpionage, BI, or CP in the evening/ night at home, would I still see effects through the next day?
  7. Stacy - Awww...You are absolutely right! This fragrance has that new infant/baby powder/fresh/clean quality to it.
  8. ooh - That's a great idea! I do not have any full size LP oils. I have a trial sizes. Will that be enough? Can I mix it with some commercial perfume? Also, did you have to wait 20 minutes to dry down or were you able to spray it on and go about your day?
  9. It took a couple of tries but I think I got the hang of using the spray. Lesson learned though...I will make sure I am extra careful and make sure I order the roll-on
  10. Luna, Halo and Stacy - Yes, when I used it on Friday, it was more out of excitement of receiving my first order. And I wanted to see if the pheros would cause a change in DH's behavior. Saturday, we were busy with other social commitments. I guess as Stacy put it, I was looking at it as an experiment since I am still new to the world of pheros.
  11. Okay. So I guess I was too quick to judge the reaction of pheros. It totally worked last night... We had a busy Friday and Saturday with friends and family but last night, it worked like a charm. I sprayed Sexpionage on my torso and behind the knees. I waited for it to dry down and topped it with' De Luscious and little bit of 'Spark in the Dark around the ear and neck. I am going to try it again tonight. But so far..so good.
  12. I got a sample of this in my first order - Thanks Mara!! I love love love this scent. Infact, it is my favorite of all the samples I ordered as well as the freebies. I noticed that it is a Limited Edition fragrance. I am still new to the whole LPMP site. How long are Limited Edition fragrances around? Also, are there any fragrances in the Permanent collection that is similar to 'Spark in the Dark'? From descriptions, it sounds like LP Black or OCCO Black might be similar. I am definitely ordering a full size. This one is a winner!!
  13. So I have been trying out LP's for the past two days. So far I have not seen anything different. I tried Sexpionage (60/40 spray). I sprayed a couple of times on my torso and behind the kness. I waited for about 20 minutes to let it dry out. I topped it with 'Spark in the Dark' - a sample Mara included in the order. I did not notice any difference in my husband. I even tried getting close to him (hugs, kisses etc) but nothing. What am I doing wrong? Should I use more? Is the Oil more effective? Almost all reviews I have read on this forum, it sounded like S'nage has a great success rate. I took a shower and then tried OCCO SLF - He defnitely noticed SLF because he said I smell like incense. Not sure if that was good or bad for him. Then again, no other reaction. If anyone can give me any advice, I would really appreciate it. I have to say, I love love love 'Spark in Dark'. Are there other LP Fragrances that are similar to this one. I noticed that Spark in the Dark is a Limited Edition. I hope they make it permanant. I seriously cannot stop sniffing the bottle. Did you experience hits after the first use of phero blends? Or did it take a couple of uses to get your SO to notice.
  14. Thanks BlueBear! I did not realize that you can open the bottle and dab it. I will try that if spraying turns out to be tricky. Is the spray the same concentration as the oil? Or is the oil stronger?
  15. Hi, I was hoping someone can help me out. I got my first order in the mail. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas Day. Anyway, I opened my order and found out that I had ordered the Sexpionage spray vs. roll-on oil. My mistake. I guess I accidently scrolled down to the spray. Oh well... Anyway, my question was - Is the spray too much? I remember reading across the forum that unscented pheromones work better in a roll-on oil base. Also, is there a different method for application? Or is it the same as the roll-on. I am kinda bummed that I messed up. Oh well. Any advice any of you can share will be appreciated! Thanks!!
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