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  1. Just wanted to send a sincere "thank you" for the generous extras that were included with my order, I received today. They were a wonderful surprise..and they were appreciated. Also wanted to extend a thank you for the oustanding customer-service (received from Heather) who helped me with my order. It's always such a pleasure to do business with LPMP. Thank you so much again..and Happy Holidays!
  2. Just wanted to extend my thanks again (to Heather for her help) and Mara for her kindness ~ in regards to receipt of my item today (which corrected one of the selections on my invoice). Thank you so much again ... it was apppreciated.
  3. Just wanted to send sincerest thanks .... my second order, and again, for the kindness and courtesies extended by (Heather) customer service ~ and generosity of Mara, for the wonderful samples included. Thank you so much!
  4. This is a little overdue...but I received my very first order in early December. I just had to post a note here ~ not only as a thank you ~ but what a wonderful first experience with the Love Potion company (and staff). From Heather, who provided wonderful customer-service... to Mara's truly "magical" products (of which I loved each and every one I ordered)... to the careful packing & lovely organza & beaded bag ...and generosity of the samples included. Just wanted to say, in this day and age, companies who provide such great service, product, and take care of their customer'
  5. Recently received my first order ~ and have been trying items individually to see how they work with my chemistry. This is the second item I have tried ... and at first ~ smelled of a vanllla candle (but not a "high-end" boutique kind of candle)...however, virtually immediately upon application (no more than 3 or 4 minutes) ... it bloomed into the most beautiful, and true vanllla scent (a little less sweet than a vanilla extract). Could not detect any cops whatsoever ...just the lovely vanilla scent. I can definitely see this being a staple of my Love Potion products in the future ~ t
  6. Wow! Thanks for that insight and feedback! ....good to know it does (or will) have that affect. (and curious .. from a man's point of view...may I ask what the other two are your top-favorites?)
  7. Oh, NuTrix ... I can already tell, that is so true!
  8. (very first review ..and if placed in the wrong category..apologies in advance!). {First, I have never tried "artisan or crafted" scents (or pheros) before ... only the normal commercial or department store-type fragrances ~ and this is so unusual ~ I actually am finding it difficult to even describe}. Received my first order ~ of a myriad of items (in different categories ~ both scents, pheros, and scented-pheros....all trial sizes). The first, and only, I have tried as of this writing is Love Potion Red. The majority of all items I ordered, in fact, were recommendations from forum
  9. Thanks so much Dolly & Eggers ~ for clarifying (it is ok to combine perfume/scents together)... and also for that "takes two thread" ...very interesting...and didn't realize that existed... appreciated the help!
  10. Hi everyone ... and first, this is meant as NO offense to anyone ... just a little insight (which I am sure the long-time users are already aware) of the mind of a newbie, such as myself. As I know virtually nothing about pheros in general, and have been feverishly reading the forums to try to learn as much as I can, from the feedback and/or advice of others. It's true (and although can't speak for others) but I think quite often, when a newbie reads something (results, for ex.)...we just take it as "gospel" that's its a fact (because we just don't know enough yet ~ or haven't had a
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