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  1. Just wanted to send a sincere "thank you" for the generous extras that were included with my order, I received today. They were a wonderful surprise..and they were appreciated. Also wanted to extend a thank you for the oustanding customer-service (received from Heather) who helped me with my order. It's always such a pleasure to do business with LPMP. Thank you so much again..and Happy Holidays!
  2. That was funny, quietguy...I guess I did word the title in an unusal way!
  3. Thank you SO much for that info & suggestion, Mara! (I never even thought of actually applying perfumes/pheros directly to the fabric like that
  4. This may be a strange question...but say you have a special dress you are wearing, and want to use a foundation garment (such as "Spanx") for example ~ that covers the torso (and comes up very high on the torso as well). For products that contain EOW (or even other Pheros) that should be kept away from the face and neck ~ and generally used on the torso (or "lollipop" method)...since that area would be covered...would you still use it there? Or if not? Where would be the best secondary spots to apply? (especially EOW containing items).
  5. Welcome girlfriday ...and just wanted to say ~ one of my first orders was exactly as yours (Occo White, Rocket Fuel III & the LAM vanilla & honey)... you will love them! (and your comment about getting "hopelessly addicted"? ...oh, you have no idea!
  6. Just wanted to extend my thanks again (to Heather for her help) and Mara for her kindness ~ in regards to receipt of my item today (which corrected one of the selections on my invoice). Thank you so much again ... it was apppreciated.
  7. Hi, everyone...(sorry if this has already been answered in the past -- tried researching, and just couldn't find the answer)... Which has a higher Cop content (more Cops in it) the OCCO's or Like A Magnet line?
  8. Thanks, Honeycake for your feedback on my question...I was hoping they were "hits" ..and not just a coincidence!
  9. Just wanted to send sincerest thanks .... my second order, and again, for the kindness and courtesies extended by (Heather) customer service ~ and generosity of Mara, for the wonderful samples included. Thank you so much!
  10. Thanks, Molls, for your feedback! Not being that experienced, wearing Pheros yet .. I wasn't quite sure if those situations would be considered "hits" (as they were subtle)...so good to know! ..and thanks again
  11. Just tried this today and really loved it (this is both a review ~ and a question at the end for the more experienced). The raspberry sweetly tinged the rose, upon application, so it was almost an "effervescent"- type rose ...very sweet and very pretty. After about 1/2 hour ~ it sent wafts of the most sheer, soft tea-rose type scent. Young and romantic-rose scent comes to mind to describe this, and again, this is so pretty and really loved this one. After applying, just went about my day ~ went to a gift-shop and as a guy was passing by me, turned quickly in my direction (I thought he may have thought he knew me) ... later went to a drugstore, where the male cashier was handing out a promotional sale-flyer when I was cashing out, and he dropped the flyer and it went sailing onto the floor ... I later went to a supermarket, where they were giving out samples ~ and the (male) demonstrator forgot his sales-pitch and had to start over after giving me the sample product. MY QUESTION for the more experienced phero users ...I originally thought someone just thought they knew me, and someone was just clumbsy and dropped a phamplet, and someone just got tongue-tied when making a sales pitch. This scent was just so lovely, I totally forgot it had "Bang" in it....does anyone think, these could actually be considered small "hits"?
  12. Just received this yesterday ~ and upon application? It smelled exactly like straight-up Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder on me. But within less than 15 minutes, it morphed into the most GORGEOUS, rich, thick, slightly-sweet and true organic honey scent EVER! (with no cops detected at all). I absolutely ADORE this one ~ and am so glad (and can understand why) this is part of the permanent collection ~ and I can definitely see this being a staple for me. (and as it does not come off strong and overpowering on me ~ look forward to try using/pairing it, with other Lp's as well).
  13. Thanks Amalthea...interesting trick (placing the open vial against the wrists)...something definitely to try!
  14. Hello everyone .. need advice on usage amount ... recently saw some posts inquiring how much (or how many "swipes") to use, when using a roller-ball (or bottle). My question is, how much (or how many "swipes") is suggested with the trial-size vials, utilizing the little stick, included (or another method you use to apply, using the trial-sizes?)..and particularly in regards to OCCO's? Thanks!
  15. This is a little overdue...but I received my very first order in early December. I just had to post a note here ~ not only as a thank you ~ but what a wonderful first experience with the Love Potion company (and staff). From Heather, who provided wonderful customer-service... to Mara's truly "magical" products (of which I loved each and every one I ordered)... to the careful packing & lovely organza & beaded bag ...and generosity of the samples included. Just wanted to say, in this day and age, companies who provide such great service, product, and take care of their customer's are really few-and-far between... and again, just wanted to say thank-you for this great experience ~ of which I know is the first of many, in the coming months, as I place my additional orders.
  16. Hi, Luna .... yes, you DID answer the question, and explain it all. After re-reading my entry, I realize I didn't word it correctly, to convey all the info I was looking for (ex. I should have asked, instead: "if they were still currently available here for purchase"). Sorry about that ...I knew what I was thinking...it just didn't come out right!
  17. Thank you, irish eyes ... (I think I may have worded my question in a confusing way originally) .. so yes, your reply did help ~ and answered my question. Thanks so much again!
  18. Thanks so much again, Luna! (and one last time...could I bother you, for the comparable items to be purchased, on this site, that are named Raspberry Chiffon and Sensual Harmony, on Victorian Trading?
  19. Thanks StacyK and Luna ... so again. Luna, may I ask which LPMP product (I can purchase on this site) ...that would be most similar to the (ingredients) featured in the Victorian Trading "Love Potion" serums? (Being relatively new ~ I am not familiar with all products here, in the entire line, yet). Thanks again.
  20. Hello everyone.. Does anyone know what the most similar (LPMP) product would be, to Victorian Trading Company's "Love Potion Seduction Serum(s)"? Thanks!
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