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  1. lovlyprao

    Hi! :)

    Thank you for advice and welcome Liz and NuTrix Huray Now the sale finally begin! Very excited for many days. Cannot wait for the shipping It will take a long long time as I live in Asia :( anw, Thank you
  2. lovlyprao

    Hi! :)

    Aww thanks for all of your warm welcome and suggestions! I will add Gotcha in my list for sure!! Thanks again for advices
  3. lovlyprao

    Hi! :)

    Hi Everyone! I have been wandering in these forum as a guest for awhile to collect some information first. I found LP very fascinating!! and wanna join this community I'm going to order soon, just wait for the SALE to begin. YAY!!! I planned to buy Popularity, Cuddle bunny, Le Femme Mystere and OCCO (cannot decide yet which scent between WHITE, PINK and BLUE) However, after read some review, I want to add BANG! to my list! OMG a lot of orders! I want some advice from you guys too. As I have been friend with this guy for 3 years, I want some pheros that can make him interested in me Any recommend apart from above? And I live in Asia which has hot climate all day, all night and all year. So will oil base be the good choice? As I heard that oil can stick on skin longer that spray in hot climate. However, it needs intimacy to make pheros work. BUT!!!! I'm rarely stand or sit close to him if I have no work to discuss or etc. Spray or Oil? Thanks for suggestion
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