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  1. I never have, before now that is, 'cuz I'm seriously considering a bottle of 7 Minutes to Midnight since that label is GORGEOUS!
  2. Oh Shelly, it sounds like you are going to own that room! And I'd love to hear more about this hot CFO..... Oops I forgot to add that you must bring the SS4W & Mara's Rocket Fuel!
  3. More Sexology!?! I can't wait, my one bottle is not enough!
  4. welcome to the LP forum!
  5. oh luna I'm sorry to hear this doesn't work for you, it's insanely yummy on me.
  6. This one was disappointing for me, it smelled wonderful in the vial, but on me it smelled powdery for about 5 mins. & then it was gone, my skin ate it up.
  7. At the bottom of this page is where you request your samples.
  8. coffeemama

    Mother Ship

    This reminds me Pied Piper, but more milky & creamy.
  9. Get better soon! :GUINEA~17:
  10. I know my breast size fluctuates during my cycle, but I experienced this before my cops usage started.
  11. It's great to have you back sweetie!!! :kiss_sun:
  12. Thanks, I can't wait to try both of them!
  13. Aren't they adorable?! I love your new lolcat avi so I decided to get one too!
  14. therapygirl, is this close to Sugared Lavender?
  15. I never got to try Halloween Moon, but it sounds awesome!
  16. That sounds amazing, you caught my attention at Honey Ho!
  17. BBM has become one of my all time favorites!!! On me it smells like the cream filling of a twinkie, absolutely edible & the cops are only noticable for about 5 mins., I don't even notice them after that, but guys definitely do! The last time I wore this I had two older male friends of mine practically falling over themselves to do things for me. That's why I have 2 bottles of it & I may to have to order more!
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