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  1. Shelly, I have loved every one of your PE's & sure this one will be no exception, it sounds awesome!!!
  2. I can't wait to see what "flavors" will be available for the OCCO!
  3. So true! I can still faintly smell it in the crook of my elbow & I put it on at 8pm last night.
  4. I LOVE Rocket Fuel!!! I wore it last night w/Spicy Brown Sugar LAM & everyone flocked to me like bees to honey.
  5. Oooooo, this is a dirty, dirty honey, with just a twinkle of peach. It's sexy, dirty, smutty, & absolutely delicious!
  6. My 5 year old son said this is his favorite perfume ever! I really can't add much, this is creamy pink sugar icing over sweet pumpkin, it's yummeh!!!
  7. I'm testing this & it maybe be a big bottle purchase, I love carnations! The carnation is sweet & spicy, but the tobacco deepens underneath & oh, there's the cinnamon, one of the spices (maybe the anise) is a high bright note (if that makes any sense). I can see myself feeling very empowered if I was slathered in this one!
  8. This sounds great, I'm really loving fig lately!
  9. I'm properly wearing this today instead of just a bit for testing & it is so gorgeous! At first the rose attar is dominant which is worrisome 'cuz rose & me do not get along well, but then it mellows out into a haunting resin/amber. it is an amazing perfume. :J001:
  10. I love IW so I'm a bit biased, but IW & OW layered with Scarlet Silk sounds perfect!
  11. Oh man, already sold out, I missed it again! Hopefully you lovely ladies have another LP in the works that is similar to this one...
  12. I say this all of the time, but seriously, every month they LP's just get better!
  13. Oooooo, i can't wait to try this, I've been having issues with a guy who seems to think I'm going to stand by & let him be an ass to me, this may be just what I need to put him in his place & besides I love carnations!!!
  14. PM you are so amazing!!! I should get my bottle tomorrow & if it's as awesome as I think it's going to be, then I may have to order another one!
  15. It was one of this months private editions, but it's sold out.
  16. Welcome to the forum STARDUST!
  17. So no Pheromone X, but it sounds like Ail had a hand in whatever phero is in there, now we have to wait for the descriptions!
  18. Does anyone other than me think that Mr./Miss Right...now might contain the new Pheromone X?
  19. Oooo, I love patch & your right, the darker the better, I'll definitely have to try this one!
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