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  1. This is really good stuff! Frank & myrrh are two of my all-time favorite notes & they are main stars of this blend. I can't detect much champa, it's just part of the overall sweetness. A very soft, sexy scent.
  2. I've been wanting more coconut too, I can't wait to try Jungle Colada!
  3. If this a sexier, yummier Sugared Honeycomb then I have to get this!
  4. I wasn't around for Mermaids, but this sounds wonderful, I just hope the aquatics don't turn into dryer sheets on me.
  5. I have this LAM coming to me & now it sounds like I need the get the BAM also!
  6. I thought I would try this one again & it still goes so wrong on me, it seriously smells like soap & pencil shavings on me.
  7. Shelly, this sounds like another amazing sugared blend! About the tonquin, after reading Burr's tonquin description I'm dying to smell it!
  8. You seem to be a man of many talents.
  9. coffeemama

    G String

    Sounds like a great evening. I wish this one worked for me, but leather does not do well with my chemistry. Oh well, I have so many other LP's that smell amazing on me!
  10. I layer scents with unscented pheros all of the time, I let my unscented pheros dry down for about 10 minutes then apply whatever LP I'm wearing that day.
  11. I was wondering who The Naughty Jester was, he sounds yummy! And the descriptions are great!!!
  12. I'd say get samples of Love Potion Original, Caught in the Act, Backstage Pass, Moroccan Night & Betrothal Potion, these contain many of the same notes as the those two perfumes.
  13. What a great idea! Sugared Honeycomb makes everything better!
  14. I ordered the monthly sampler, Spicy Brown Sugar & Sandalwood & Resins LAM's & some decanting supplies. Now for the wait...
  15. The first time I wore LAM I felt drunk, all giddy & giggly, I seriously should not have applied it while driving.
  16. coffeemama


    The ladies here are awesome & full of knowledge.
  17. Sweet, NomĀ³! I know I'm such a nerd.
  18. Ail you do a WONDERFUL job of explaining & we are so lucky to have your expertise!!!
  19. That sounds awesome Ail, I'm quite a comic book lover, but the I do like the finished label.
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