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  1. Oh. My. God. This is to die for, people. Right out of the bottle, it smelled like sugared honeycomb. Which is in no way a bad thing for me, as sh has been my signature imagined skin scent for going on a decade now. But now that it is drying down, I detect that it is more than sh. It is like a sexier, darker, richer, more delicious, more complex version of sh. Huffing it after drydown, it is just perfectly blended so that no one note (okay, other than the honey) stands out to me. It is less leathery than Down and Dirty was, if anyone remembers that one. I don't notice the tobacco
  2. I also just received my sampler pack and did a quick sniff-through just smelling the vials and prioritizing which ones I want to try first on my skin. This was one of 3 I picked out as top priority, and it won out over bad girl and snugalicious for the one to try tonight. The latter two were fairly predictable for me to like, but this one was not, because of the rose -- rose often amplifies on me, and often (not always) ends up smelling old lady on me. Wet, it has a very fairy princess kind of feel to it. The fruit, musk, and vanilla make it smell like a perfectly melded, innocently sexy,
  3. xev

    Desperation & Djinn

    This is totally not my usual scent, and I'm glad I didn't refresh my memory on the notes in it (especially the rose) as I might have been biased against it. It is nice, mostly resinous on me. Seems both soothing and stimulating. It melded on my skin throughout the day, and it also lasted all day.
  4. This is amazing. Very pumpkiny at first, but the pumpkin faded to the background later in the day, leaving the gorgeous amber prominent. Aja hasn't worked for me in the past, but I don't detect it in this.
  5. xev


    Can't wait to try this one!
  6. I'm also struggling to describe this. It is drawing me in to its achingly beautiful, complex indescribableness. It is a bit of lots of things, but not strongly any one thing. It makes many ideas swirl in my head, but none come to fruition or really solidify, then I'm off to the next fleeting impression. It is powdery, slightly unisex one moment, softly feminine the next. It ephemerally reminds me of some sophisticated perfume I've smelled long in the past of my youth, then in the next moment, it feels wholly unique. Every once in a while, I get a ozoney storm air feeling. I am not rea
  7. Wow, This is mostly honey, vanilla, and musk on me.. Smells like that delicious civet honey, but maybe it's just the combination of ingredients. The leather was mostly gone by dry down. I'm contemplating a bottle at this point.
  8. I want to get a spray bottle of cougar with a full extra boost of cougar.
  9. Well, this is super yummy! The peach is very juicy. It is along the same lines as Tyvey's Mango-ish. This is definitely on my interest list.
  10. I smell white musk too, missdarlyncherie! I like this okay, but I'm a little "meh" on white musk (whether it is in it or my nose is just being weird). I need to try it again though. It was pleasant, just not a favorite.
  11. Instant love. I often don't like Lavender because it can be very assaulting to my nose. That is how Beautiful Dreamer was for me, too sharp. This is much softer, calm soothing, vanilla powder. Yes, I'm going to want a bottle of this.
  12. Eggers, I do not know how copulins are detected. I do not think it is known. However, I did find a paper that showed that est and androstadienone stimulate hypothalamus in normal test subjects, but not in anosmic subjects with nasal polyps:
  13. Waahh! I don't want to be a toothless fairy!
  14. xev

    Titian Sweet

    I know what you mean halo, maple tends to amp like crazy on me. A few times it has sent me running to scrub off the offending scent. But the maple is tame like the orange in this.
  15. xev

    Titian Sweet

    This is delicious! When I put it on, I hadn't reminded myself what the notes were. It seemed like fruity baked goods, but I didn't immediately recognize orange.The orange seems much milder than Darling Clementine (which I liked but the orange was overwhelming).
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