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  1. Very white, sweet and powdery with a hint of light tea. This is my first take of it. The more I smell, I can pick out the rich floral tea notes and powdery sugar, the faint smell of a sweet fruit that gives it a pinky leaning...it really surprised me after dry down! The vanilla pops out a bit later with what I think is the patch? It's a very full bodied scent on me that has soft, loud notes. When I first sniffed this a while ago, I remember not liking how sharp and powdery it was, this really turned out nice~
  2. This has a very candied pineapple forward feel to it first on, it's not artificial by any means. It's tropical, warm and refreshing! I don't recall ever encountering such an enticing pineapple scent until I smelled this! Upon dry down it's a juicy pineapple dipped in vanilla sugar, the apricot gives it a dash of tartness. I don't sense any amber or patch, it has that nice rounded out lp base that gives the scent a less syrupy quality to it. It's very beautiful, I'd get a fb if I could >.
  3. Revisiting this one, it has a sweet n airy vanilla forward with sprinkling of caramel, it deepened to a heavy and dry non-syrupy caramel/amber with a hint of vanilla looming in the far back after dry down. It has a slight powderiness to it making it feel like there's a musk in it somewhere o.o Half hour later it's a very quiet vanilla sugar... I sort of miss how chewy this used to be :c
  4. When I first got this a few years ago I OD so badly that I was very afraid of this for a long time. Now, I was pretty dumb thinking I had to slather, this is *very* potent (to me it's as strong as lfm) This is a sweet herbal scent on first application, it's not medicinal in anyway. There's a faint lavender standing out on the bed of oakmoss. Theres a vague fresh green smell. As it wears on theres a more full bodied semi-sweet floral that has a hint of powder. I can't vouch for bb, ive just recently (like, right now) overcame my fear of it lol
  5. I was considering getting rid of this one, mostly cuz I don't ever reach for it. I revisited this one, I recall this being very floral forward and have a sharp edge the first time I tried it. Now! Now I can detect the marshmallow root upon first application, the musky floral gently flows in and it gives me this cool, creamy impression. It feels icy cold to me but my nose is picking up something sharp n spicy upon closer inspection. I was expecting this to be a warm floral to be honest So my take on this is a cold, low key regal/creamy floral with hidden thorns.
  6. The juicy lemon peel was POW IN MY FACE! No mistake that this is a sugary sour candy!! The lemon does back off and let this strawberry rose shine through after it dried down. A bit later its this deep, strawberry lemonade with an edge ♡
  7. Anonymous2F


    This comes off almost foody to me, the cherry blossom would probably be the culprit considering im getting a strong cherry note This is another mellow scent, its almost like easther(typo??) Where its so close to the skin but it didnt fade away or get gobbled up like the other one did. Its watery, faintly floral, slightly sticky. Its hard to identify to be honest o.o I just adore this scent! I cant even convey it properly... but i tried :x
  8. Oh, this is surprisingly mellow! I can definitely spot the honeysuckle but its loud in an understated way. It has this out in the garden in the early morning feel to it, not obnoxious and heavy like i was expecting at all I dont recognize some notes, its very feminine~ I have a feel this will just grow more lovely as it ages! Cant wait!
  9. This came off like orange peels when wet, very fresh, deep and smooth after drydown. The currant is blooming on a bed on dried coconuts and a non foody vanilla, it sort of reminds me of la sylphide in a way. Very, very lovely! A regal summery scent
  10. This is a very simple scent that definitely reminds me of something commercial! In a good way! Its a rich floral honey that gives me the impression that it has mango in it. Super tropical in a floral way. Im not picking up the sexy from it, its too bright and fresh to be anything else. I cant say much else, the honey makes it richer as time wears on and it just smells like cocoabutter by the end of the day. I wouldve loved this once upon a time, its still pretty tho.
  11. This reminds me of those hubba bubba bubblegum after you unwrap it, its kinda novelty to me. After it melded with my skin i can sense the warmth of the amber and the faintest *faintest* vanilla like aura that sort of radiates from it and gives me the impression of warm cupcakes. A bit later its a deep non foody cream, its definitely weird to me haha!
  12. Anonymous2F


    This is sooo yummy and it aged beautifully! A while ago(like last year), this was so, so bad with my chemistry. No oranges just pointy sharp spice jabbing my eyes out :c Now, its a mouth watering juicy orange with a soft bed of mellow spice with a faint nutty cloud. The orange note sticks around for a long time. By the end of the day, its brightness mellows out like a sunset and the spice warms it up considerably. I never thought id ever like this, im always surprised haha
  13. This one is very cocoa forward in the vial compared to the 2014s full blast vanilla cherry It definitely reads LPO on me but with the cherry reaching out a little, it's a gives off a warming feel to it. Once it's dry it's gone :c I do get faint whiffs of vanilla mango and cocoa wafting but right now my skin is just eating this up, I might have to retry this one another time. I think I'm coming down with the cold so that might just skew my reviews lol
  14. I was distressed when I couldn't find this thread but after lurking I finally found it here When I first sniffed this, it was NOT something I liked. It was all dry brittle wood and patch, totes wasn't my thing and even at dry down something was pointy and sharp. (Keep in mind this first test was a while ago, like, prob a yr ago perhaps) Now, I can't get enough of it! It's not something that makes me want to drown in it, it's more captivating on an unconscious level. Long after it mellows out is when I'm captivated, the rich musk and Amber mingle on top of the subtlety of the wood and patch, everything else is a quiet whisper. I've been wearing it a lot lately, especially at work where it gets a bit chaotic (or I'm feeling out of place, homesick, emotional). Everybody just mellows out, gets into their happy space and bonus, makes grumpy customers a bit less grumpy and more manageable. I don't think anybody ever gets close enough to me to really smell the perfume since I'm always running around behind counters making drinks with one other person, which sucks for them cuz I smell great lol
  15. could i claim 1 Pink Me in the Tropics and 1 Elfin Princess (if it hasnt been snagged already)?
  16. Wow im going full on grabby hands at the elfin princess and pink me in the tropics! such beautiful labels! cant wait to see the notes on those
  17. I was craving a vanilla and this stood out to me to i decided to wear it today. So depressing that its gone D': Ive only sniffed out of my sample until just recently, first impression of it reminds me of my first bath bomb from lush (Pheonix Rising) But after sniffing again it has an incredibly light herbal tea thing to it with a faint vanilla hovering in the very back. On skin i was blown away! It turned into a creamy, rich non-foody vanilla with dainty dashes of flowery herbs, closer sniffing you can almost tell what kind of flowers are in it (lavender and chamomile are the ones standing out to me most) It gives off this musky-vanilla cloud that is quite pleasant from the distance and it just gets better when you get closer. Its total love at first wear, Im going to have to agree that it has a very ethereal feel to it. I just adore the scent
  18. In the most fleeting of moments after i smelled this i immediately slathered! At first sniff it smelled like fruity pebbles! on skin it was fruity pebbles! After i calmed down i actually smelled everything, lemon cake with home made pink frosting, filled and sprinkled with bits of strawberries and candied lemon peels This is hands down my first favorite out of the collection!
  19. In the vial i smelled a very musky caramel (which reminded me of my dog after a bath for some reason, a good memory) surprisingly enough its BAM FLORAL on the skin. Ive never smelled any of the flowers except the honeysuckle until today the musk is really coming out as the second dominant but its so finely enmeshed with the flowers that it has that almost "daydreamy" feel to it. I dont get any nom from this, kinda mixed feelings about that buuuuut theres a definite 'sweet nectar' cloud around the application site which actually rings true to the name. After some time passes, the musk gets kinda loud some of the floral are in hiding, im left with this musk-forward (unsweetened?) creamy-ish honeysuckle. When i seen "creamy" in the reviews i was expecting of the nommable variety---- but it has this fancy-lotion-and-powder-puff vibe to me. This and lace were definitely made for each other
  20. Yesss i was actually! I know theyre not *all* pineapple, some of them just came off like that when i do a quick sniff. Its when i actually stopped to smell them proper that i realised theyre rad
  21. I down right love this! When i first went through all of them i thought "meh, theyre all pineapple" I went through them again and i can really appreciate this one now. The sandalwood/vanilla musky goodness is very forward on me, the coconut has a definite pinky leaning once it comes out of hiding and its actually the last note standing by night time. This smells all romantic and sensual, it can really coax a person to come closer with/without pheros.....Buuuut im only using myself as an example hahaha This made such an impression on me that i cant stop picking it up n smelling it
  22. I finally got my hands on this! I panicked and got three bottles unsniffed cuz this is apparently very popular! However i used my sample and slathered appropriately, the cherry was BOOM IN YO FACE! The mango was very tart/juicy and the cocoa was very faint but there. To me, i felt it was really missing something on my skin. This is very fruit forward and for some reason i was expecting the cocoa to be more "there". Ill tell you one things for sure, this made me drowsy ! I have a vague idea of what cops smell like and i obviously cant pick it up even when the scent is long gone which is pretty rad imo. Ive never got to experience ambrosia and im actually looking forward to this aging, it should feel more "whole" but until then im just gonna mess w.my sample
  23. i sent off a couple replies! i dont see these when im on my phone, i didnt mean to ignore you guys :C
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