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  1. It smells like tart Smarties like in an act of violets but the tart turns really fizzy like a soda pop, it doesn't seem like a direction I would personally go, but damn its pretty good! The fizzy is more of an aura and the berries(?) Are right under the fizzy cloud. I can't pick the notes apart..anyways this is like the better looking sister of an act of violets, really delicious. If I wasn't so occupied with my other samples I would probably give this a spin more often than not-gotcha is my favourite When I don't feel like being mysterious
  2. Omgosh i was panicking when i seen it on the artfire site like i would be too late or something! lucky me i got a bottle (the roller is fail at being a roller though so i really gotta mess with it to get some on) This is a really nice winter scent, i wear it when i get all upset because its like some crazy hot guy left his scent behind on a christmas sweater for me and im being all creepy comfort sniffing what he left behind It makes me cry when im upset because of reasons (stress relief probably) Buuut when im just wearing it for the hell of it i can really pick up on the manly musk fumes, holiday candles and the 'warmth' of just cuddling with said hunky man. Its a very "in the moment" that it was captured and bottled up for guilty sniffing! Something is a tad pokey though, i think its spruce cuz its so green in there that i cant think of anything else that would do that lol Im really in love with this, sorry i cant really describe it very well but i think of a green sweater~
  3. Whoa, this is a very interesting combo! i wouldve never guessed that it would go so great together, its sooo goood The lavender isnt pointy or stemy and the honey is sweet and very light--almost sheer like the lavender was just lightly coated and left to dry in the sun making it bloom. So rad
  4. Wow this is dizzyingly sweet, its interesting to my nose because i can really pick up on the fig--its a very green fig that was dipped in the most richest cinnamon honey and i just bit into it It smells like that regular honey that comes from the little bear container and i just decided to guzzle it I just guzzled a little honey bear and im sucking on a fig with a teaspoon of cinnamon theres nothing to it, it literally smells like the name haha edit to add that the honey powdered it up on my arm so now its all wonky and weird
  5. This is a really lovely scent, its like im smelling dried breakfast tea that has dried lemon peels and bracing bergemot oil. This is literally what a breakfast tea should smell like! dark and deliciously bitter to the point that it slaps you awake faster than an espresso shot. Thats all this is, a legit black tea which reminds me a bit of lady grey by Twinnings. Lovely
  6. This is legit cakey in the beginning, i pick up on some spiciness which makes it seem oddly delicious Oh! its kinda like a savory cake! theres some creamy coconut mixed in there and its drizzled over something (a meat? rice?) Alright got the scent list up, its definitely coconut milk, curry and rice i picked up on, the orange flowers is standing out a little bit, dont pick up on any roses so yay Its creamy in a savory kind of way with the curry staying true and the rice--i never smelled jasmine rice before so i can only really comment that it vaguely smells of regular rice. Its for real foody and its delicious. I cant say much else about it. Its really unique since i havent smelled anything savory from LP before :B
  7. Wow! Talk about love at first sniff <3 The pear and citrus notes i can pick up on right off the bat with some delicious bubble gum in the background, its sooo goood! i cannot believe i over looked this when the sale was going on and missed it! heart broken! Its like im a bad girl chewing on a berry sugary pink bubbly bubble gum while peeling an orange and one of my besties is eating a juicy pear right next to me. We'd be getting all fueled up for a night of stomping on hearts of men in our bitchin chunky shoes and torn fishnets, Its sucha girly scent theres no way in hell that this is innocent. Its soooo fierce and femme that its hard not to notice how pinky and sticky sweet it is!
  8. eewww this smells like gingerbread cookies dipped in red wine D: Its very prominent in the wine area, I think the mallowroot has a hand in making the gingerbread scent...oh, wait theres ginger in this so ofcourse thats where itd be coming from haha! Sadly i just washed my hands of my last patch testing so im gonna have to deal with this nasty little stank on my hand :C For some reason i seem to only focus on the one note i absolutely HATE (the wine, i got some bad experiences with wine) I cant even with this, i wanted to like it because the mallow root was usually to die for but after experiencing this its not that worth it Im sorry, i thought i wouldnt live to see the day of me disliking something 100% from LP (Edit to add, just cuz this isnt for me doesnt mean it will be absolutely horrible on the other person. If you dig wine scents with a tart berry undertone then give this a spin since it is kinda exotic with the gingerbread going for it in the background)
  9. Ack, i got some in my eye! (sample vial "flicked" when i closed it) Anyway, i really love this one and i cannot fathom why i havent reviewed it yet! This is a nice crisp summer night in the woods by a lake with nothing but the moon n stars to light your way and its doing a really shitty job but you dont care cuz it smells too damn nice and natural. Its a sensuous "deep" and dark green scent that soothes the soul, the moss is a nice heady base and a tad dewy. It has this sweet tartness to it (i have no idea what half of these notes are!) I guess im trying to say is its kind of like being cradled by nature, pretty much. It has this gentle but strong maternal vibe that catches me off guard and it can make for a good bedtime or de-stressing scent. its crisp, earthy and natural if i had to put it bluntly, its not the "green" kind of natural but you can smell the earth and the plant's dew/sap.
  10. This smells exactly like those little bathroom cones with the gel stuff, i remember exactly cuz i used to like playing with those when i was a kid and fuck up the squishy scent base to it cuz it was all slimy and cool! It was called april rain or something like that :B after it dries down it invokes a memory of when i was a kid in canada in the summer time getting all MEGA TAN, everyone had such nice yards and fence gardens and i would go into their garden and steal all the pretty flowers like a little shit then run away before anyone notices and make little bouquets for my grandmother who was still in alaska. So like its all artificial greeny in the beginning and it starts to calm down in the middle and now its just white carnations in the end. Very subtle even tho it just kinda floats around the application area. WAIT A MINUTE THIS FUCKER HAS SOME THROW! I cant for some reason smell it at the application spot but its this huuuuge cloud around me, i just realized this it smells like theres some crazy fragrant flowers all over my room---you have no idea how neat i think this is even tho i already know about the throws some of these have On me its alright, im a little iffy on the intent of this so i dont wear it out because im too young to get betrothed haha Its cool but i wont reach for it cuz im too young! the intent of forever committed scares me!
  11. Anonymous2F


    This is a crazy floral on me! i remember disliking it after i first got it and left it alone for while. Its reminiscent of soap? Very clean on me. First on, the oak was there greeting me and Theres also some other green-stuff goin on near the front, the florals came crashing through then the musk was just crowd surfing and the vanilla is just raining on everything and its so so fun. I dont get it either but i think "fun" is a good word to describe this scent. Im serious i could probably wear this and do the dishes and it would be the most funnest shit goin on at that moment(Figurative visual, i wont wear this and do dishes because dishes are dumb) Its all good clean "fun"! All subtle and sweet in a nature-y kinda way that i have a feeling it would make a good undercover ho and i must get my hands on a bottle stat
  12. Wow, I was expecting this to smell like cheese cloth and dust for some reason but its really a warm skin scent, no one wouldve guessed it was a perfume First on i got slapped with sugar and musk and it did get a weird unscented cream thing going on which i think can be blamed at my half hearted "shaking" so moving oooon----It actually smelt very "white" in the beginning but now its reading more "red" to me, like it was innocent but it was just a ruse to get you to come play. The floral actually smells more like a variety of roses but its so faint that it doesnt take over but mingles with the amber and kicking it up a notch by making it more smoother. I think its the oud that made it turn to the darker side....Wow im still picking up that unscented cream smell from afar, kinda wafts around making it weird Well, at least it smells seductive up close Cant figure out if its my lack of shaking it or theres something in this that doesnt like me..? Its pretty sweet for a musk scent, im totes in love if it werent for that strange cream action going on
  13. Im legitimately digging LFM (LFM/LFN are actually my favourites, not gonna lie) Im sure my sweet spot is two swipes from La Sylphide sample or 1 drop full-strength from Lfm oil. It kinda makes me feel princessy in a way, when i first dab it on i felt pretty unreal like i was seeing myself for the first time from someone else's perspective(im not sure how to describe this accurately, but it makes me stand a little more firmly behind my word and defogs everything so its all pristine for judgment) After ive been getting the feel for it, its been the best thing for me lately I like how it makes the creeps who usually flock into my bubble stay far far away from me, but its the total opposite with the chicks. They get ALL UP IN MAH SPACE which can get uncomfortable cuz they get so close that theyre pretty much pushing themselves onto me and get a little handsy that i just get so uncomfortable and have to walk away! I guess to certain people it says "you cant touch me cuz im quality" and its reversed for people who think they can get away with touching me with out consequences (AKA friends/acquaintances/exs) I would expect stuff like that to be coming from LFN and not the good sister LFM! Anyways, aside from being a babe magnet- I really dig the respect factor, people are ma'am-ing me left and right while im getting all this discounts and free shit. I dont get the door holding or anything cool like that, but i do get what i want which makes my inner spoiled rotten child happy Ive also observed that it makes this close knit group i hang w.once a week acknowledge me a lot more (i usually just fade into the background but they leave room for me to talk which is something im still trying to get used to) The only thing i kinda dislike is the staring game. When im just chillin someplace playing on my phone--people of the male variety will get into my line of vision and give me that "smoldering stare", you know the one. My auto response is to return the stare down and get ready to fight-to-the-death which i think wasnt their intention at all. I also experienced some of the check out/bagger people trying to "one-up" me over food and petty things which i think was a little odd. In the end tho, its pretty rad Some people bristle but thats cuz theyre probably unhappy with life or something
  14. This was a weird scent on me. Im not too familiar with some of these notes but it turned out to be very complex and ....it came off as dark mysterious woods n it makes me think about the green fairy when i wear it haha. It was hardly sweet--but it was, (cocoa/coffee?) there was a definite green twang to it that grabs attention but the green quickly took back seat as the vanilla shoved its way to the front--making everything else compliment it n make it very rich and exotic to the point where it got a little loud flamboyant. After it wears on it mellowed back to a nice warm forest-at-night-with-fireflies (its a mellow green with out the edge from the beginning) I think this is a fairly interesting scent, it starts out all fierce to flamboyant then mellows out in the end with a fine dusting of what i think is cocoa and vanilla. I cant say much for Leather, i test ran it in public but everyone was still combat shopping. It wasnt a very good day for testing it seems
  15. Oh, my gosh! this is amazing! i thought it would be too sweet and just skimmed over it but i tried it the other day and WHAAAT ITS AMAZING EXPENSIVE CAKEY GOODNESS--MADNESS I cant figure out what kind of cake it was though, just delicious all the same. It did have this weird scent that took over (im sure it was marzipan now that i know what it is) I really want to get a fb of this if i have monies by then. So I was huffing my shirt and one of my gfs got all jelly beans over how nice i smelled and sprayed a bunch of dkny green all over the room it was all in good humor but still very amusing. The best part? BI didnt give me head pains like it did in Uys.
  16. I got my hands on a bottle First on, it smells like the most PINKEST cotton candy Give it time to settle then it blooms with warm vanilla spice as the cotton candy takes a step back and chills. Is there pumpkin in this? Im sure thats what is lurking in the faaar back. Im so glad i got a bottle, I want to spike it with Lfn or bang! cuz it wears sweet and innocent on me
  17. This smells alot like tease to me, the apple is there then everything just jumbled together. It pulls me into default mode if I had to get into selfies. When i was at the job center this lady wanted to know everything about me so she could keep me updated on work n just wouldn't leave me alone (it's really unusual because its a help yourself environment and I found it unbearable) I wasn't sure how to react to the assistance so I just rolled w.it haha
  18. When I first wore this I tested it twice at home. Funny thing I was cold both times so it didn't bloom haha. It was light and sweet like girl next door honey. anyways my man at the time came over when I was dozing off. He gave me a quick kissy, he looked at me, sniffed my face then lifted the covers and sniffed under there which I thought was strange behavior. I ask and he replies I smell different. Told him it was my perfume and I showed him my hand--he sniffed there and made an ugly face at me. It made both of us sleepies so nothing really happened as far as hits go. This time I wore it w.ss4w, it smelled hella strong like whoa that's some hardcore SEX right there. I was in a hurry so I spritzed some perfume creation over it. I found out that my natural chemistry is going strong and just works better so I FINALLY got the LESS is MORE thing so I was testing this theory for myself after that finally sank in. Soo i went and hung out w my guy friends and some of them are pretty close but in strict-friendship, those ones didn't give me any hits accept one of them forgot my name. The other ones pop in to hang out and this one guy I hardly knew was laying on the compliments and was being all jokey w.me, trying to carry me away and he's one of those "funny guys" (<read that in an Italian accent) he also sniffed me when one of my old pals asked what smelled like incense to confirm the source n said I smelled as pretty as I looked. So that funny guy left and my pals left n I was chillin w.one of the newer friends who was tripping over his English and couldn't "get" me today and why he's "stuck on retarded", that was fun but I thin it was the ss4w that made him trip over himself today rather than the slf o.o So yeah it smells hella raunchy now, Idk what happened but I couldn't wear it out unless it decided to calm its tits. Its so SEXUAL but that was the point haha its spot on
  19. I can't seem to make this work for me, like all my lady stuff is out of the way. This really smells like vinegar to me, ill leave it on for 24+ hrs and its still kinda gross smelling to me. I feel so left out! I wanna smell the honey/beeswax too Ill try layering it w.a scent tmrw tho, maybe that would help.
  20. I wore this today, the scent wafted around me from two swipes smooshed on my wrist, I got strange selfies like "whoa I'm really hot rn, I'm gonna take selfies w.red lipstick on" Anyway the scent reminds me vaguely of eggnog but perfumy in a way. The sandlewood was straight forward on me and the other notes melded together, this is highly sensual to me. Like a begining of a romace, its soft and feminine--beautiful. I'm not too familiar w.the phero but I would seriously go for a virgin bottle of this so I could mix/match w.the scent.
  21. First on, it smells like really really bitter vinegar and that'll teach me to not stick my nose all up in the application spot right after lol! When I dried it smells the same but not as offensive, I think that's cuz I'm not warm enough for it to meld so I put some in the crook of elbow(that doesn't sound right) and its a little better, but its a richer vinegar har har I may have to retest when I'm warmer
  22. New Hampshire is holding mine hostage D: Whats it even doing over there anyways?!
  23. Wowow! My package got sent to a place I don't recognize! Is there something I missed that's going on in Washington/Seattle? That's strange
  24. Hey tyvey, i copy n paste the tracking number onto the usps website because their updates on tracking is more consistent than stamps...thought I'd toss that out there ETA: my phone is typoing up the joint
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