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  1. I'm so out of the loop here and being on the computer in general. I go through detoxes and cleaning house phases (detoxing from the home computer prob til after summer) so I wasn't even prepped for the sale, I knew it was changed but I thought it was gonna be in March/April and was ready to pounce on it then so when it wasn't I thought it wouldn't be til next year. Since then I've been planning a major thinning of the heard of the LP's I've collected over the years since I'm on a roll w my cleaning house projects so that's where my head is really at, but after a quick scan of the sale list a
  2. This strikes me as a unisexy scent, I would love this on a guy for spring. I'm sensitive to stronger musk/resin scents so this light version really agrees with me, even tho I could pull this off in the right mood, I have a feeling I'm gonna wear more fem/girly scents this spring/summer (like Tantilize!) but will take note of this for the perfect lite, musk spring scent for men or women. Whoops, retested this and now I get the forward floral, not a scent for men but good for women.
  3. Yesss, Tease!!! It was a trial in my first order ever (the 20 trial newb special) it stood out among most all the scents but I could only have that one sample cause it sold out fast...a teaser of an experience I gotta say.
  4. I like this scent but agree it would be even better w a boost like suggested. It doesn't have enough throw to it for me, (and trust me I doused myself with this as far as my little trial could go lol), but I think the right boost will carry the scent out more, kinda the way Lace does w Tantalize. What to boost it w I have yet to decide tho... but is a delicious scent to work with.
  5. This is my fav of the Jan releases, I might even, dare I say.. hoard worthy?? I missed the chance to get an fb the 1st time it came out cause it was sold out so will try to snag a bottle or 2 this round.
  6. Received my package a few days ago and the best samples were included, all PE's that I've been curious about including Aphrodite's Belt, first time I sampled all the freebies before the monthly. The samples did not disappoint.
  7. Still need to make a decision on some Dec phero samplers, and considering some more Tropical Musk, been using it regularly since Oct it's so calming which helps during holiday season.
  8. This Scented Balm Bomb sounds like it will be my go to bedtime scent since it sounds as good if not better than Beautiful Dreamer (which works w/out fail to fall asleep to).
  9. Still haven't ordered my sampler yet, I'm on the fence on getting the mens with only 6 in the lot normally I would go for it but this is the year I'm building my phero collection so I got homework to do, aiy yai yai, I might do a custom search on most reviewed to narrow it down from the 40 to choose from.
  10. I've been stuck on some of the Aug limited editions scents that I got fb's of like Velvet Kisses and Tropical Musk and Ambrosia was from that line. For whatever reason I missed the boat and didn't go fb on this as well and am kicking myself as I savor the last few drops from my trial. At least very little is needed to get maximum effect.
  11. Yes those pens and journals!! I gotta say those Goth season greeting cards are a refreshing change than some of the traditional cards you see every year and though the Goth postcards really pop I'd make better use of the greeting cards w the holidays right around the corner.
  12. A sample of Frais Citrone, and OOTW musk is still haunting me so tempted but I'm pretty amped for the Nov releases already.
  13. Cherise


    This mouth watering coconut forward Almond Joy lp set off a candy craving effect so in the spirit of Halloween I decided to douse myself in multiple sweet treat scents to find the best combo and like this w Titan Sweet. The orange juiciness of Titan and hint of maple meshes well w the bursting flavors of Haystack.
  14. Getting a softly sweet vanilla marzipan kicked up w some spicey from the ginger nutmeg mix, a lovely charmer of a scent feels like your grandmother had many sides to her and they were all great ones! Just put this on the past hour just giving a quick first impression review but so far love this slather worthy scent, thanks for bringing it aboard CP !
  15. Whoops I thought the sale ended on the 17th not yesterday ah well, I'll get my 2 reserved PE's today cause I'm so curious about Stefanija and Grimoire!!
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