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  1. I haven't really tracked forum credits before so not sure how they work so I'll look into that next month during Phero Month but thanks for asking. I know the phero's were switched to February so I've been anticipating that, esp the balm bomb since it's so effective in helping me sleep like nothing else. But for this order I'll put it on the credit card. Still jazzed this stone is still avail but not too surprised since many of your products have that mysterious way of showing up at the right time, in their right place in the hands of those who need and want it most .
  2. Oh perfect, can you send me an invoice please, that would work out well cause I've had my eye on that stone since you posted it!
  3. Is the Labradorite stone still available, (the hand held stone in the first picture on this page)? Great finds on all these rocks btw!
  4. Thank you and Happy Holidays Mara!
  5. Ok great, should I send an invoice request to John for a 4 pack of Betrothal, 1 Peppermint scrub and 1 Cherry Marshmallow?
  6. Thanks for making the Betrothal soap, I'll take a few of those, also a question about the scrubs, can they be refrigerated if I don't plan on using them right away?
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if I nabbed another bottle on my next order if available in the spray/lace combo as I seem to be going through this faster than other scents atm.
  8. Picked up a couple samples for summer but It's not having the same effect on me as last summer, I'm getting a lot of plastic this time around. I guess over the year the plastic amped up some.
  9. Not sure why I thought a spray version w Lace added would be a task motivating combo lol. I forgot how effective Lace phero is sprayed in hair and with this scent esp. The fluff of cotton candy and mists of berry-apple create a head in the clouds sensation, drifting me away from any and all responsibilities. There's also a hinted bite of lemon that keeps the sweet in check. I like layering this w the body scrub since it's one of those addictive scents I wanna wear in more ways than one.
  10. The red, white and blue Betsy Apple is excellent, the fine sugar scrub consistency is not harsh or flakey, goes on smooth also smells and looks delish! Will try out more scrubs when I'm done with the soaps.
  11. That does sound good in a sugar scrub Luna, I was on the fence w the scrub since I've ordered the soap but I would like to reserve 1 Betsy Apple scrub to get this candied effect.
  12. Same here Tink I never was into commercial apple scents but I take to most all of the lp ones. Same thing kinda happened w the orange scents, I think fairy cake orange or a PE orange I sampled, the next day I'd see orange hostess cupcakes, something I'd never consider and be drooling. Do they still sell the PE sample sets? I thought that was a great idea.
  13. Sounds good Luna, I've decided to get one boosted w Lace in spray. Apple motivates me to do housework (which I don't always enjoy) so hopefully this will make me more 'giddy' to do it. Then I'll spritz the rooms w this as a final touch.
  14. I think I need this, I don't think I've had an apple scent boosted either so will look into that as well.
  15. I am drooling over those soap descriptions and yes I would love to try them all! You can make more Betrothal!?!? Um that would be a most definite yes!!! Please can I get 3 or 4 bars of those, or whatever is convenient? I went through my 1 bar in about 10 days, luxuriating in ultra long baths and showers completely addicted !
  16. Please reserve 1 of each of your soaps from Betsy Apple Salted to Shaving Soap Tin for Men, 11 soaps total. I forgot you had soaps and the Betrothal soap I purchased (over a year ago) is my all time favorite soap ever made, since it's no longer available I'm in search of another favorite.
  17. I'm so out of the loop here and being on the computer in general. I go through detoxes and cleaning house phases (detoxing from the home computer prob til after summer) so I wasn't even prepped for the sale, I knew it was changed but I thought it was gonna be in March/April and was ready to pounce on it then so when it wasn't I thought it wouldn't be til next year. Since then I've been planning a major thinning of the heard of the LP's I've collected over the years since I'm on a roll w my cleaning house projects so that's where my head is really at, but after a quick scan of the sale list and a moment or two to process this surprise find I'm already compiling a nice little list in my head, like Tropical Musk and Velvet Kisses.
  18. Got another apple scent sample w my order this month, this time Sugared Apples! I have cray addiction to Mara's apple scents, the Caramel Apple tart, Pomme Fraiche, Aphrodite Belt etc.. the apple note in these is year round addiction. I came across a candle co. recently that had a few excellent scents, the quality of the candle itself was top notch, great throw, looong lasting, no drama w the wick but their apple scent was like every other typical apple scent, it smelt from concentrate. No one seems to nail a fresh apple scent like lp.
  19. This strikes me as a unisexy scent, I would love this on a guy for spring. I'm sensitive to stronger musk/resin scents so this light version really agrees with me, even tho I could pull this off in the right mood, I have a feeling I'm gonna wear more fem/girly scents this spring/summer (like Tantilize!) but will take note of this for the perfect lite, musk spring scent for men or women. Whoops, retested this and now I get the forward floral, not a scent for men but good for women.
  20. Yesss, Tease!!! It was a trial in my first order ever (the 20 trial newb special) it stood out among most all the scents but I could only have that one sample cause it sold out fast...a teaser of an experience I gotta say.
  21. I like this scent but agree it would be even better w a boost like suggested. It doesn't have enough throw to it for me, (and trust me I doused myself with this as far as my little trial could go lol), but I think the right boost will carry the scent out more, kinda the way Lace does w Tantalize. What to boost it w I have yet to decide tho... but is a delicious scent to work with.
  22. This is my fav of the Jan releases, I might even, dare I say.. hoard worthy?? I missed the chance to get an fb the 1st time it came out cause it was sold out so will try to snag a bottle or 2 this round.
  23. Been mad busy, had to pop in and say what an amazing set w/ Cherry D, and GOTBM. Sampler for sure, restock on some faves, and some postcards (esp the GOTBM one!)
  24. Haven't had a chance to sample the phero monthlies I received a few days ago, a little under the weather with temperatures in flux (a balmy 70 degree X-mas to a chilling 30 degree weekend following) but love the first impressions I'm getting of the men's scents, Leopold esp and know one or two Leo guys that might compliment this clean and charismatic scent.
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