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  1. Not sure if you know this, but in November all NR will be phero enhanced That is my favorite month!
  2. Well... I feel like a total newbie! I haven't tried LFN till now. And I love it! I love how it makes me feel. I'm more confident, I feel sexy and my hips are swinging with grace while I'm walking
  3. I can't wear LFM while PMSing. It makes me extra weepy.
  4. Yeah, I'll be getting DOM during Pheromas
  5. I wore it yesterday for my Krav Maga training (not UN, I wore Because the Night w/LFN). I wanted to see which will make me work out harder (I know someone said LFN gives them more energy), Mega Watt or LFN and so far I like MW more, but it could be that I still haven't found my sweet spot yet... Will test it again. (plus, there's 7-8 guys and I'm the only girl atm, so, that wasn't the only reason why I was testing LFN )
  6. First Luna mentioned this when I was ISO marzipan scents, then I grabbed it from Halo's trades but didn't like it and it ended up with someone who will like it more than me, then I got it in spray from Cheesy and now I love it! Reaaaaally love it!!!!
  7. I have a LFN enhanced scent in spray (BtN, thank you Cheesy), so I was wondering what is your sweet spot with LFN in 1/3 strenght? Not sure with how much to start, 3 sprays (which would kinda be like 1 UN spray)?
  8. Gimme Money! Please, please, please gimme a rebrew of Gimme Money
  9. Oh wow, 5000 posts! My title is Hang onto your husbands, girls! Cool!
  10. Oh, I have to skip the Weenies, my wallet's orders.... Although, if there's something nice, pumpkin, spice and with Mega Watt, I definitely want to try that!
  11. When I first got this, I was like "OK, I'm just gonna let it rest". Now, WOW! I love this! I was scared because there's banana in it, and banana and my skin don't get along, but I even can't smell it! When wet, it's very similar to Atomic Mandarin, but after it dries down, it's even better than AtMan (and this comes from someone who used AtMan bottle in few days -- my personal best lol). I hope I'll get more of this!
  12. I am in love with this phero My sweet spot is 3 sprays. What I hate with hypo/Hashimoto is that I am constantly tired, but MW helps a lot! I can feel when it stops working, I'm not sure if it's a crash or I just go back to my usual lazy self
  13. This is an interesting thread... What would your other suggestions be, beside Focus Potion?
  14. I'm skipping October's NR too, but can't wait to see November's NR!
  15. From the August's NR thread: I believe Mara has her hands full with the sale But hey, next NR will be for Halloween!
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