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  1. My twins and I are going on a trip on the 7th. This will be the first time that I'm driving (when they were younger, we usually took the bus, because it was easier for me). I mean I drive, but the longest drive I took lasted 4 hours, and now I'll drive 8 hours and I'm a bit scared because I'm driving my kids... Any recommendations? I was thinking Mega Watt + Focus and Acuity potion? Or Courage and Bravery potion?
  2. I like this very, very much! First when I applied it I thought how it's really, really coconut-y, bit it didn't last. Or so I thought... I'm in the kitchen, cooking, it's very hot and all I can smell is not what I'm cooking, but coconut!! Yummy!
  3. I'm a bit impatient... Can't wait for NR...
  4. I bought it in November too. But even 1 spray gave me headaches Here is something about it: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6987&page=1
  5. WHERE ARE YOU LOVELY LADIES?? Woohoo, I'm a Sexologist!
  6. This is a quote from the thread where everything started: ETA: here is that thread: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=9775&page=1
  7. Where have you been? I missed your reviews!
  8. Yes, I agree. LPMP changed my life too! But so did this community. I love people here!
  9. cutie.pie


    I love the smell of salt when I'm on the beach... Few days ago we went to the beach to watch turtles being released back to the sea. My mum was sitting in front of me and my girls. And instead of that beachy, summery, salty smell all I could smell was my mom's Orangzipan! It's pretty strong!
  10. Yesterday I woke up tired. Really, really tired! (Damn you thyroid and Hashimoto!) I haven't been drinking coffee for month and a half but I decided to have one yesterday morning. It didn't do anything. I also took a break from pheromones due to some health issues, but yesterday I knew only Mega Watt can help me, so I applied some Determination potion. It took it an hour to work but boy, once it started to work I got such an energy boost. I love Mega Watt!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. I was thinking of doing something Marzipan-y, but didn't wanna do it if you're gonna do if lol! Can't wait to see everyone's PEs I was wondering where you were! You were hiding from the PE stampede
  12. Hearts, will you ask for a rebrew of your Marzipan Cake?
  13. LP Red, LP O, scented Cougar, scented Cuddle Bunny...
  14. I'm really hoping for something marzipan-y...
  15. cutie.pie


    I'd say BI, but only because that's my favorite
  16. I had to go to the police to give a statement today and instead of LFM I gave H&S a try. Wow! The meeting with a police officer went OK, but while I was waiting I got 2 DIHLs! *weird*
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