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  1. The longest I've waited for a package was 3 weeks or 3 and a half... I'm in Europe too, so I know how you feel
  2. I converted my 2 samples into spray. This scent is so gorgeous, light, fresh...
  3. You could email Mara or John and ask for an invoice
  4. If it doesn't work for you, I'll take it off your hands
  5. I got Totem: Bat because I wanted to try LFN, but the earth was just too strong and it smelled like mold on my skin I tried one more scent that had earth (can't remember which one) and again, all I could smell was earth, earth & earth so I'm afraid to even try this one...
  6. I love the label, Cougar, grapefruit...but earth, no It smell so weird and not nice on my skin...so I was waiting for reviews to see should I give it a try anyway, but after your review, it's a no, no.
  7. cutie.pie

    Red Fyre

    Wearing this again today, and sadly the same problem I have with Cauldron Cake and (sometimes) Gimme Money happend...my skin became red and irritated on places I'd applied it I really need to get that scent locket!
  8. I don't really have any advice, I think BlueBear gave a great one, but I just wanna say good luck!
  9. :rofl222: I know how you feel. So far I've converted some of my Glamour Puss into spray, but I'm afraid to do the same with my UN phero trials.
  10. I tried few scents enhanced with TH, but nothing. Maybe I just couldn't find my sweet spot. But then I ordered a phero enhanced wax melt and used it at a family gathering ---- and pure magic happend! Everyone was nice, relaxed... I'm so happy I got TH to work for me, even if it works only in a wax melt
  11. It's very nice, light, floral scent. I can't pick up any particular notes (not even violet, probably because of travel shock) so I'm gonna let it rest and then retest
  12. I got my first DIHL wearing this combo, but when I wore it by itself...nothing. So I sold it. But now I wanna give it another try, especially in combo with Cougar. I think Beccah said she loves Topper+Open Windows combo
  13. cutie.pie


    My late grandma had peony in her garden, so that's why I was interested in this one. It's floral but also peachy and very sweet on my skin. It reminds me of my childhood, I like it a lot
  14. So I decided to give Topper another try and got myself an UN trial. Hope it will work for me this time, now that I am 'phero wiser'
  15. cutie.pie


    I'm ISO a nice marzipan scent, so I ordered a sample so I can compare it to my favorite marzipan scent Petit Four Your Thoughts (I had Ionia sniffies before, when writing my past 2 reviews). So last night I applied Ionia on one hand and PFYT on the other. While wet, they are very, very similar (except the marzipan note is much stronger in PFYT), but after it dried down Ionia became more fruity than foody scent on my skin. However, PFYT stayed a very strong marzipan scent even after it dried down...
  16. I love this one so much! It's really yummy! First time I wore it, mandarin disappeared so quickly, but it doesn't do that anymore. I applied it yesterday before going to bed and in the morning I still smelled like a nice piece of mandarin vanilla cake
  17. cutie.pie

    Pink Elf

    I got this one because of the ginger, but all I can smell is soft, pink sugar...so I gave my sample to my sister, she loves 'the pink scents'
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