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  1. Can wait for my sampler to arrive after reading this great reviews!!
  2. Got my sampler the other day. I put it on and...whenever I pass by a mirror I turn into Joey Tribbiani..."How you're doin'?" [giving myself the look] LOL
  3. My first DIHL ever!!!! Wearing cougar potion + Topper ***happy*** :)
  4. For me, it doesn't matter how much or how little I put on I have massive headache What do you think, what else could give me results like PP? And I don't mean the headache, but POPULARITY
  5. This one is my favourite! Not only do I love how it smells, but whenever I wear it I'm stuck with Pharrell Williams' HAPPY playing in my head
  6. So I gave Sweet Chic w PP another try... Day 1. I think I OD, but I was extra, extra bitchy, nervous...didn't like it. Day 2. I put way less and put some Garland and Lace. Only thing I noticed was that my dad hugged me 3 times, and that's just not him Day 3. I put Sweet Chic and again, I was bitchy.... You know that commercial for Snickers with Joan Collins? I turned into a diva I put my self in the center of attention, I had an opinion about everything and wanted everyone to know it (I'm not usually like that). But after an hour or two, I began feeling sad. Do you think I'm doi
  7. Mara, which PP would you suggest, roll on, or 1x, 2x, 3x? I'm a newbie, I've only been using pheros for few months now. I had Sweet chic w/PP but didn't notice results, so maybe an unscented would be a better option for me?
  8. Thank you for your signature auditioning scent idea, I love it! Thank you for your advice Honeycake! I've just ordered Topper and will see how it works alone and with Lace or Cougar. Thank you
  9. It's a cattle call... I'm actually coming to LA next year and hope to catch a break auditioning for sitcoms, I love doing comedy, but will also try out for crime series...my question wasn't about a specific role, but I get what you meant. I know that I'm probably too optimistic about all this, but I want to be (phero) ready when I get there for the next pilot season Truth to be told, I would be happy to get any acting job, even an unpaid one, because I want all the experience I can get (and hopefully the credit). I love Garland&Lace, alpha makes me happy. I really, really apprecia
  10. Ladies... I'm an actress who needs your help! What pheros do you suggest when auditioning for a role? Also, I want to be more openly and desirable, so I can sweep them off their feet the moment I come in... Lace + topper, LFM, LFN? What do you think?
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