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  1. I ordered PE and would want extra bottles once PE are up. Will that count for the sale? (I haven't paid for them yet, I'm waiting for my paycheck, I only told Mara I will want more bottles.)
  2. I shouldn't buy anything till Novemeber! But I need UN Mega Watt, so I might as well buy it during the sale
  3. You can always start a sale & swap thread for those LPs that don't work for you
  4. Lady luck Pizzazz Determination potion Atomic Mandarin PFYT
  5. I meant if I order a PE. But I emailed Mara, PEs will be closed during the sale.
  6. I think I saw on Facebook that Mermaids of Atlantis will be re-released next month. So I'm kinda hoping Mara will re-release some other loved but sold out LPs too! I'm super excited about PEs, because I ordered my first PE
  7. It's very nice, light and floral... And very classy, feminine. I don't know why but I imagine this one being worn by supermodels and others gorgeous, tall women we admire... And then there's me... A foody gal hahaha. It's not a me scent, but I'll keep my sample for the times when I wanna feel classy and like a supermodel.
  8. I feel so stupid because I never figured out my sweet spot with dropper bottles... But I did boost my scents with it, 1/3 phero, 2/3 scent. I have a thread in my journal about DIY phero stuff. I don't think using a smaller ratio would be ineffective, but I guess you'll have to apply more, depending on your sweet spot, IMO.
  9. cutie.pie

    Mother Ship

    I like this It's very yummy, cakey and citrusy
  10. I read a lot about this one so I was very happy I got a sample in the trades. It's heavy, thick, sexy...but sadly honey doesn't like my skin
  11. I like this... But then again I like everything foody w/ almond
  12. Ohhhh, yesss!!! I agree with you about PFYT! And I like your cocktail with the girls and g2 idea!
  13. Check out these threads: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=5880&hl=blam http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2715&hl=blam
  14. Luna, do you know if ordering a PE will also count?
  15. I wore this the other day, but with temperatures 40C/105F it just seemed too heavy... But it still remains one of my biggest loves
  16. Oh wow, is Audacious back? http://www.lovepotionperfume.com/perfumerie/potion/Audacious/ I mean I knew we could order it thru Mad Scientist mix...
  17. I really liked Popularity potion with orange/mandarin scents like Daring Clementine...
  18. There's something in this that my skin doesn't like... Could be the marshmellow root or smoke... Ha, I can't smell apple at all.
  19. cutie.pie


    I like this. It's sweet and spicy on my skin
  20. So this is not a me scent, but it's probably one of the sexiest scents I've tried!!!
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