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  1. cutie.pie

    Totem: Bunny

    This is a very happy scent, cheerful, don't know how else to say it. Very nice!
  2. This one is very masculine on my skin...
  3. cutie.pie

    Hungry Heart

    Ha, I was sure there was honey in this...but it's probably maple syrup what I'm smelling. It's nice, but not a me scent, honey doesn't like my skin.
  4. I really love this!!!! When wet it's all about the bourbon. Then, after it dries down it becomes a perfect beachy scent!!! Lovely!
  5. cutie.pie


    I'm sure you'll get your package soon!
  6. I'm so grateful it took only 7 days for my package to arrive! ETA: I'm in Croatia, so that's like super fast!
  7. This one is all about the honey on my skin... I'm gonna let it age a little bit and retest.
  8. cutie.pie


    Good, I'm not the only one, it was soapy on my skin when I first applied it too.
  9. I really liked LP Rouge... But as it aged there was a note I didn't like that really stood out. Well, after applying OCCO the same note appeared again, and now I know my skin doesn't like patch And this lovely potion is all about the patch on my skin...
  10. My package should be here today (or Monday, but I'm hoping it will be here today)
  11. My uncle from Canada was visiting us last week, so I got some Canadian dolars, so I ordered my first PE!
  12. I know, John told me. But, hey, I'm optimistic, they said the same thing for OCCO Ambrosia
  13. I do know! We addicts know each other Will email you soon!
  14. Sorry to hear this... It happened to me with LFM
  15. cutie.pie


    Could it be travel shock? My daughter has a bottle, and when she wears it my entire home smells like this. On her, it's pretty strong and very sweet.
  16. Have you tried the sample? How similar is it to our love -- Atomic Mandarin?
  17. I wore this in BtN the other day... It made me feel so sexy! I should wear it more often!
  18. I'm not a floral girl, but this one is nice because it reminds me of my childhood, because m grandma's garden was full of peonies...
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