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  1. Can't wait to see notes in Hawaiin Cake! Hearts, is almond in your Cherry Rum Yum marzipan-ish maybe?
  2. Wow!!!! Mara you are a queen!!! Can't wait to see the notes!
  3. Just a quick update. I had to postpone my trip because I have guests. My uncle and his family from Canada are here... I did think of you when I posted I was going there
  4. Don't forget to post your reviews
  5. Is maybe Summer Crush similar to Fraise Citron?
  6. I AM! But it's morning here, so... Can't wait to see the notes!
  7. Happy belated birthday!
  8. I'm really hoping there will be something boozy!!
  9. ❤️ How about you? Have you considered making a PE? I'm curious which notes you would choose
  10. You see, I don't get that. If I apply MW and sit on a couch, there's a bitchy voice inside my head telling me 'Get up! There are stuff you need to do!'
  11. Oh thank you for reminding me! I must get a sample of Inspire Desire before it solds out!
  12. I know But when I discovered LPMP I think that was already sold out (or not on my radar). I'm glad Atomic Mandarin is not phero'd, because PP doesn't do much for me. I must also try Fairy Cake Orange
  13. Will do, thanks Halo! I applied just 1 spray this morning, after I showered, on my arm. I'll try 2 sprays tomorrow.
  14. This one is dark, but very sensual. Not a me scent but I'm keeping my sample....you know, just in case
  15. I like this one... I love how frutiy and juicy it is. And like hearts said, it's flirty yet innocent.
  16. I gave this another try... I really thought I would love this but my skin ruins it somehow, it's too sheer
  17. I got a sample of Darling Clementine from an amazing LP member (thank you!). Of course I loved it immediately (this is a twin scent to one of my all time favorites - Atomic Mandarin)... It smells soooooooooo good!
  18. Are we there yet? I'm so impatient to see the labels, notes and Luna's descriptions, so I searched and read all about June's NR from previous years
  19. After trying it I realized why you grabbed it so fast from Skye!! It smells so good! That would be a PE I would like to have!!
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