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  1. I really like this one. Everything with chocolate/cocoa + orange combo is a hit for me. It's very similar to Glamour Puss (my another love). Actually, to me this is Glamour Puss plus coffee. Mmmmmm, I smell good!
  2. Try not to think too much about it. Apply it and then go through your day without stalking hits (been there, done that ) but don't forget to play the part. My mantra while I'm wearing LFM is 'I'm glamorous. And you'll want to please me and do me favours'. Also, start writing a diary so you can keep track while testing pheros, but also to keep track which notes work for you, and which don't. But this is just my opinion Good luck and have fun!
  3. IKR?!?? That's why I still haven't ordered mine, because my funds are limited and ideas aren't lol
  4. Really? And yet I have no problem with B2... What can say? I'm an idiot who wanted to sleep nice and smell like cherries
  5. I rarely do it myself, but I had some trouble sleeping and thought Teddy could help. Sometimes I do it with Unisexy w/B2 and I sleep like a baby. I figured 6 sprays would be same amount as 2 UN Teddy sprays. But still it was too much for me
  6. I think, although I'm not 100% sure, that that won't work for me Good thinking about protection potion and peacefull home! Thank you! My girls are going on a short trip tomorrow with my sister and my parents, so I'll anoint them (and the car) with it. We'll definitely make a few stops. I am a bit nervous because I do drive, but have never driven this far. We're going to Plitvice Lakes and then to the town where I grew up to visit my grandparents. Yes, I definitely need that Molls' playlist! I'm gonna make a few lists - what to check on my car, what to bring for the drive,
  7. I think I OD'd yesterday. Teddy usually calms me down, but yesterday, right before bed, I applied 6 sprays of Jubilee (because I can't smell it properly, and I wanted to smell like cherry) and went to bed. My heart started beating like crazy I couldn't fell asleep for an hour
  8. This one is a nice, floral scent. It's gentle on my skin, violet isn't as dominant as I thought it would be.
  9. I'm not a girl for floral scents, but wow, this one reminds me of a grassy meadow filled with flowers... Mmmmmmm
  10. Earth doesn't like me... Every scent that has that note smells like dirt on my skin That same thing happened with this scent
  11. cutie.pie

    Totem: Bear

    It's very deep, earthy, woody scent... Not my kind of a scent, but I am just amazed how talented Mara is...all these animal totems are amazing!
  12. I like this one! I couldn't detect pineapple right away, but this one smells like having a yummy fruit salad on a hot summer day! Yum!
  13. So far, I reaaaaaally like this! I think this one is my fav cherry scent! Yumm!
  14. I know it's probably because of the travel shock, but I can't smell it... I get a little bit of cherry on my skin and then it fades away I must retest it in a week or two.
  15. cutie.pie

    Irish Rose

    This is a nice, floral scent, but, I don't know what's wrong with my skin, because when I apply it, it becomes soapy
  16. This one is very sweet, yummy, fruity scent. I only wish cherry would last a little bit longer on my skin.
  17. I'll need to retest this one because right now all I can smell is amber, amber and amber
  18. I really thought there was ginger or allspice in this one! It's very nice and feminine!
  19. When I first applied it, it was kinda manly on my skin, but later it turned into an airy, fresh, blue scent.
  20. IKR??!!?? I can't believe how Mara and John always guess what I wanna try! They are the best!
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