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  1. I'm really excited about this one! My skin tends to eat citrus, but I've never tried a pineapple scent before...does anyone know how is the staying power is with pineapple? I adore levitation, the self effects I get from it are amazing!
  2. Hi Mara Oh you should, you really should..I'd order multiple FB's. I'm so addicted to this one that I'm almost out and I neeeeeeed it. Please? Pretty Please? It's the most amazing scent I've ever smelled. You would make my year and I'm not even close to joking.
  3. I would love it so much if this one was added to the permanent collection...the thought of not being able to get more of this one is making me want to hoard it
  4. I adore this one, I've had a ton of hits wearing this one at work with Flying Potion 2013. To me it doesn't have any a scent when worn by itself, but the effects are really noticeable. I've been getting asked for my opinion a lot more and am being relied on to make decisions. We had a company get together and the head of my department came over and sat with me, and was very interested in everything I was saying...I'm really glad I got the full sized bottle, this one is a keeper!
  5. This one is very complex..to much incense and sweet spice for me. It's a very unique scent that I could see someone else rocking, but for me it went a bit powdery and just didn't really match up with my chemistry. I might give it another few tries because it IS really interesting.
  6. I love this one to the moon and back. Can't stop smelling it on me..the dry down is amazing. I think I need a full bottle
  7. I have a small sample of this one and I'm sad to say it's not my thing It's the honey, it just turns to straight up baby powder / talc on me...LAM Original is the exact same. My hubby wrinkled his nose and asked why I was wearing baby powder lol. You ladies who can work this scent are lucky, I wanted to like it so much.
  8. SweetBeakz


    Brilliant, thank you so much!
  9. Welcome Jeanne! I get the honey notes turning to powder thing, when I wore my sample of LAM original it turned to baby powder very quickly on me. I love this place, there is so much to learn
  10. Welcome! You will have to let us know which ones are your favorites Have you tried the OCCO white yet?
  11. Thank you!! I'm addicted already Thanks so much, me too! The knowledge here is incredible
  12. SweetBeakz


    I was hoping against hope that this wouldn't smell as good on me as it reads on the description. Wrong. It's amazing...and discontinued I love every stage in this fragrance. It's starts out like a burst of fresh squeezed oranges, then I get creamy coconut and vanilla - with a hint of something I can't quite put my finger on. It's a bit mysterious. I adore it and will be watching for full bottles of this one in the trading area..while trying not to burn through my sample vials.
  13. Being new to pheros I've been starting slow, exploring my new collection with small amounts of a single blend. I've worn Cops and Robbers by itself and Un SS4W layered with non enhanced fragrances. Nice stuff, but no noticeable hits. Today was my first day combining an unscented phero (SS4W) with a fragrance enhanced with cops (Cops and Robbers). The results were AMAZING! My Morning: First thing in the morning, my hubby commented on how pretty I looked, on my way to work I had I guy I was on the train with run ahead of me, just so he could open the door for a "beautiful woman"...I get to my office and my normally standoffish coworker comments on my coat, she asked me if it was new and gushed over it. I've been wearing the same coat to work for about three weeks now, and she see's me every morning. Then another coworker came over and asked me if I had my hair done as it looked amazing. I haven't had it done for months and didn't make any special effort this morning. See where I'm going with this? Definite hits!! I'm having a lot of fun with this! Too bad I had to hide out by myself for the rest of the day. About the fragrances themselves.. With the Un SS4W I smell nothing on myself. There is the initial burst of alcohol which burns off in seconds, then zilch. I trust that it's doing it's job though. I have the 60/40 alcohol mix in the spray and I've been using three sprays. One on my chest, on my wrists and in my hair. Cops and Robbers needed some time to warm up on me. Initially it was super sweet, like very strong cherry or strawberry..but when it dried down it is lovely. Sweet, but with depth, I liked it more and more as the day went on. It lasted all day too, which on my skin is impressive! I rolled a small strip on my wrists and a little v on my chest. I think cops and I play very well together, I see us becoming great friends
  14. Ohhh this one sounds so interesting! I think I may just have to jump on it too..
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