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  1. Sweet I ordered it last night like an impatient crackhead! I'm so excited
  2. Haha I'll trust you Dolly, I've been reading your posts and I love them! I have a sample of sex and violins I want to try but I've been so nervous about it. I so wish there were trial sizes of the unscented pheros
  3. Awesome that's kind of what I was thinking,, I'm wanting something that has a good all around affect. Thanks everybody!
  4. If I were going to exercise self control and buy ONE bottle of unscented pheros should I get 1- pop potion 2- open windows 3- heart and soul
  5. Haha oh yes they are wonderful, there was just a miscommunication ANSI got all over sensitive lmao. But it all worked out and now they will always have my business!
  6. Yes I just got my first package and the scents are amazing! I'm a believer for sure I'll never buy department store rubbish again!!!
  7. Hi!!! I think I may be into all scents haha! I really love scents that blend the sweet foodie with a floral or a deeper resinous type scent. If any of that makes sense!
  8. Ooh I just got my shipping notice too! I hope heather and Mara didn't give be gift wrapped coal for being a pain in the ass!!! Oh please oh please I'll be good I promise :-D
  9. My stuff just shipped I'm so excited
  10. You know it does make sense that when you feel fine as hell you can command a room. Very useful info
  11. But wouldn't something like dominance be better for speaking ? Or does the really sexy stuff help more?
  12. Oh good because I swear my pms is worsened by the antics I deal with at work, of course two crazy kids and an unruly pug doesn't help.
  13. Ay you're killing me Luna! I guess I'll just send out greeting cards stating that nobody gets Christmas gifts this year cause I'll be buying myself the gifts hahaha
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