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  1. Sweet I ordered it last night like an impatient crackhead! I'm so excited
  2. Haha I'll trust you Dolly, I've been reading your posts and I love them! I have a sample of sex and violins I want to try but I've been so nervous about it. I so wish there were trial sizes of the unscented pheros
  3. Awesome that's kind of what I was thinking,, I'm wanting something that has a good all around affect. Thanks everybody!
  4. If I were going to exercise self control and buy ONE bottle of unscented pheros should I get 1- pop potion 2- open windows 3- heart and soul
  5. Haha oh yes they are wonderful, there was just a miscommunication ANSI got all over sensitive lmao. But it all worked out and now they will always have my business!
  6. Yes I just got my first package and the scents are amazing! I'm a believer for sure I'll never buy department store rubbish again!!!
  7. Hi!!! I think I may be into all scents haha! I really love scents that blend the sweet foodie with a floral or a deeper resinous type scent. If any of that makes sense!
  8. Ooh I just got my shipping notice too! I hope heather and Mara didn't give be gift wrapped coal for being a pain in the ass!!! Oh please oh please I'll be good I promise :-D
  9. My stuff just shipped I'm so excited
  10. You know it does make sense that when you feel fine as hell you can command a room. Very useful info
  11. But wouldn't something like dominance be better for speaking ? Or does the really sexy stuff help more?
  12. Oh good because I swear my pms is worsened by the antics I deal with at work, of course two crazy kids and an unruly pug doesn't help.
  13. Ay you're killing me Luna! I guess I'll just send out greeting cards stating that nobody gets Christmas gifts this year cause I'll be buying myself the gifts hahaha
  14. Sooooo is October usually a good month or should I wait until November to go broke?? Hmmm
  15. Oh Stacy you are wonderful thank you for the info, even if it mean ill be poor in October ha!
  16. Hahaha oh I believe you, they got it all resolved beautifully despite my panic attacks. However the whole ordeal did inspire me to order a balm bomb lmao!
  17. Oh good I'm even more excited now! My poor love has no clue what I'm trying to do to him hahaha
  18. I ordered this I'm so freaking excited to get it! One question, are the phero enhanced perfumes going to give me any actual phero related effects? Because I wanted to try them so I could pick out the unscented bottles I want
  19. Also I feel terrible I threw a huge tantrum to Mara and totally thought heather was out to get me all because an order didn't go through! I'm going to blame terrible pms and paranoia over maybe not receiving all my addicting goodies. it all got sorted out thanks to lps VERY patient ladies!! Please forgive me!
  20. Thanks everyone!! Yes I can tell you're a fun bunch for sure! Not to mention very informative. I can't wait to gain some experience of my own!
  21. Used to lurke now I've joined! I ordered a sample deal and I'm about to order sexpionage I think! I have had the pleasure of trying a few of the perfumes already and well I think I'm addicted
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