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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Arouse-Rx-Sex-Pheromones-For-Men/dp/B001P4EM3G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382194272&sr=8-1&keywords=arouse-rx
  2. Doesn't seem to matter where I apply, or whether or not I cover with cologne. A different unscented phero from a competitor doesn't seem to turn her off so much, which suggests to me perhaps LP uses more, or a different quality, or a different source of pheros than other mfr's do. Any confirmation of this from the mods?
  3. Tried SS4M, said I smelled like rat pee still, even after waiting several hours, and covering with my usual fragrance. To the trash. Not holding out much hope for coming samples. Thanks for your replies though!
  4. @halo0073, thank you for the opinion on androstadienone, that gives me more hope for SS4M, which I have not given a fair trial yet. Molls, thank you also - if SS4M elicits the same "animal scent" response, I will fall back to trying a cover up with my usual cologne - the only one of hundreds I tried (!) that my wife usually (but not always) enjoys. And, I will order samples of all the phero-enhanced colognes, maybe I'll get lucky and find something she likes too. Wife has a super smeller indeed, which is why I was hoping to avoid cologne use altogether - hence buying the unscented pheros in the first place. You can understand my disappointment at her response.
  5. I'm sorry @luna65, I didn't mean to offend. I love what you're doing with these products, just hoping to get advice on what applications might be more appropriate for me than straight-up Teddy BB. My apologies.
  6. So wait... you're saying you all agree the pheromones smell offensive, but advocate their use anyways? I can't imagine my wife enjoying pee-enhanced cologne better than straight cologne.
  7. This was my first foray into "unscented" pheromones, and I bought Teddy Potion BB and Super Sexy for Men. On very light application of Teddy Potion BB, my wife almost immediately recoiled in horror and said I smelled like a dirty animal marking territory, or animal urine. I, of course, can't smell a darn thing. Her reaction is clearly not what I'm going for. That vial in the trash, now I'm scared to try SS4M. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Do you have any experience with women who react poorly to certain pheromones that react better to others, that I might try?
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