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  1. Hi Another question. How much do you apply with the trial sizes? I've lurked and seen some people suggest "swipes" varying inches but how should I apply with the vials? I wanted to wear LP Red out today but I wasn't sure how much I should be applying it so that their would be a lovely cloud of smell around me. I'm used to sprays so vials are a bit tricky for me. I almost feel like I don't have enough on for people to be able to get a wiff of it unless they're right under me. I wore Red last night just to see how it would settle on my skin. OH MY GOODNESSS LOVE! I'm not a perfume pro or anything but it smelled like.....sultry sugar vanilla to me. I was huffing myself all last night. My bf liked it too. I applied it right out the shower and when I got in bed he grabbed me and starting sniffing my arm, neck and cleavage. Hahahahaha he would wake me up in the middle of the night because he would breath in so deeply right in my neck as he slept. He was huffing away in his dreams lol But it seems I don't get much action out and about....like the smell doesn't travel well enough. I'm at a loss here ladies and gents..... I almost just want to order the sprays and get them overnighted. Anybody looking to sell a spray of LP Red or CP? Doesn't have to be a full bottle. I just need sprays! Lol
  2. If I get brave I might wear CP and/or OCCO Gold with/without laying to the Halloween/Homecoming festivities this weekend.
  3. Thanks so much! I figured that was the way to do it but I wasn't sure. I got Sweet Chic Compromising Positions OCCO : Gold LP Red And extra gift trials Candy Pop Inna Gadda Da Vita w/Lemon They all smell divine out of the vial. Even though I didn't pick out Candy Pop I am in love with it, it's so sweet! I'm going to try wearing one or two tomorrow to see how it goes. I'm a student and all my classes are pretty packed, people sit right next to each other in an auditorium setting for lecture. I figured that would be a good place to wear LP Red, Sweet Chic, Candy Pop and Inna Gadda Da Vita to see effects or just get opinions on the smell. I doubt people will have any problems with them...it should be refreshing since most of the girls in the class wear really 'alcohol' smelling perfumes from Victoria Secrets and such....they spray WAYYYY too much and it smells toxic lol I'll save wearing Compromising Positions and OCCO: Gold indoors with my bf for now. He's who I bought those for just to see how he takes them.
  4. Hi, I'm a new customer....just received my first batch of trial sizes. My question may seem really really silly but I thought it would be best just to ask....how exactly do I open the trial sizes? Do I just pop the tops off or no? I'm really horrible at figuring stuff out like this and I'd hate to be opening it completely wrong and wasting product at the same time by spilling it unnecessarily. Thanks before hand! I'm really excited to start wearing these...from what I can seem to smell they are AMAZING
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