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  1. Wow sounds awesome! and glad you are having such great luck with your hubby and pheros. I love SS4W, and I also have UN Bang in roll in which I really like too. I will have to try out the SS4W with CB really soon. Maybe Ill try it tonight while I hang out with a couple of guy friends. Hehe. I have CB in Cuddle Bunny 2009 sample vial, and I have SS4W in the sample dropper vial. This will be fun
  2. Sorry to resurrect, but Raq On- I was wondering what was your experiences when layering the PM with SS4W? and what environment were you using it in? I was just thinking about trying out this combo. I've tried the PM with OW before and it was good for work tips wise, but I am going to a party and my crush will be there.
  3. Arielk

    Poetry and Grace

    I am not yet very savvy with reviewing perfumes and don't know as much as you ladies about scents. But I am very interested in experimenting with different scents and interested in the intent of them. This one is very strong floral, a bit perfumey, but it puts me in such a calm mood, has great longevity, and has an almost phero effect. People seem to be just a little enchanted with me when I wear this without any pheros, so I am really loving that. And the calming graceful mood that it puts me in is just amazing, I agree with the meditative aspect of it.
  4. So I had an unexpected experience, a bad one. I'm at a friends house, and they have a pitbull. It starts whining as if it wants to be petted. I assume it's okay so I approach and it's calm, it licks me, then the within like 10 seconds it bites me and starts barking rather viciously. My friend is like omg, he never does that. I am wearing popularity potion, 3 sprays. And a circle of occo white around my navel. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Do dogs not respond well to certain pheromones. I am dog lover and have always approached dogs and have never had one snap at me or bite m
  5. Okay so I wore this to work tonight. I have the UN in the sample dropper bottle. I used half a dropper, which was about 6 drops. 2 to wrists and rubbed, the rest to my chest/cleavage area. My tips were consistently 18-20% but I'm so spoiled because the check totals were so low that it just didn't feel that spectacular. There was one order that I completely messed up and forgot to tell the kitchen about the substitutions, and when the customers told me that it didn't come out correctly, I laughed, GASP . I grabbed their plates, said sorry, and told em I'd have their correct order out asap. In t
  6. Woow Eggers, Awesome info!!!! I really like the sound of SS4W, I have it in the sample dropper bottle UN. Oh yes I received my package of goodies!!! Hopefully they hold me over until January! lol. Hmm I am not familiar with Lumina, I will have to read up on it. I've been sitting alllllll day reading reviews trying to figure out which one of my new goodies I should wear to work today. I kept in mind my crush, as well as customers lol. OW is usually super awesome with a touch of Connections, and sometimes OCCO white. So I feel a little anxious abandoning my OW today, but I need to try new things
  7. Thank You sooo much for all of your responses and all of your warm welcomes! I've been reading reviews on here sooo long, I recognize all of your names, lol. Nice to meet all of you! I got my stamps.com email in the wee hours of this morning!!!!! Yippeee so I am in the clear. Hope you got yours too Nutrix! Can't wait to try all of my new samples. Eggers: Other Tip boosting pheros??? Pray tell and Happy to be here. XO
  8. Hi there! Hehe so I made my first order here in August, I went with LFM after reading all of the lovely reviews about it. First a quick background. I am 24, I feel like I have a high natural Phero content, which may be because I only use all natural products and don't take any hormones or BC. I started over at Androtics with their Instant Sexiness and Instant Honesty, and I saw great results and made great tips at work while wearing them and people especially men seemed to really want me, but sometimes it was too much. It felt too sexual, and it made me feel kind of bitchy, and I am sweet
  9. Thank You for your response, There wasn't a way to do it . So I had to just make the plunge! I just hope I receive them soon. Anxiously waiting.
  10. Hi, Sorry this is my first post here, I plan on introducing myself and making more posts later on. I have a visa gift card, which will not be enough to cover my order, probably only 25% of it, so is there a way to use 2 methods of payment for 1 order? if so, I could use some assistance. I will use the visa, and also my own debit/credit card to cover the rest. Thanks! Ariel
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