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  1. It does smell amazing on women and men. I still have a backup bottle for me and I have gifted this a couple of times to men who adore. Guess time to head to auction and up the bid LOL
  2. This has aged to perfection!!!! That's exactly why I put in a bid. I always get compliments when I wear this. It's one that needs to be in everyone's vault!!!
  3. Would love to reserve a Coco Chrissy and Melissa's Second Spark please..... and also a Lisa's Creamy Ylang if there is any left.
  4. I would love to reserve an "Erin's Latte Peche" please
  5. It available would love a bottle of Witty Kitty Snuggle Kara's Devour Me Eve's Temptation And an itty set please
  6. LFM, CB, SS4W have all gotten me favors, but Heart & Soul is hands down the most effective for me.
  7. Potion Master, Going forward, if it would make things easier for you, I think we could get used to having them on Etsy.
  8. I don't even need to test to know I am going to love these....I just know
  9. Can't even wait for notes LOL. If available I would love to reserve: Itty Set Coco Piggy Blackcat's Love Kitten Blackcat's Sultry Kitten
  10. I tried LPADDICT but it didn't work for me when I ordered this morning.
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