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  1. It does smell amazing on women and men. I still have a backup bottle for me and I have gifted this a couple of times to men who adore. Guess time to head to auction and up the bid LOL
  2. This has aged to perfection!!!! That's exactly why I put in a bid. I always get compliments when I wear this. It's one that needs to be in everyone's vault!!!
  3. Would love to reserve a Coco Chrissy and Melissa's Second Spark please..... and also a Lisa's Creamy Ylang if there is any left.
  4. I would love to reserve an "Erin's Latte Peche" please
  5. It available would love a bottle of Witty Kitty Snuggle Kara's Devour Me Eve's Temptation And an itty set please
  6. LFM, CB, SS4W have all gotten me favors, but Heart & Soul is hands down the most effective for me.
  7. Potion Master, Going forward, if it would make things easier for you, I think we could get used to having them on Etsy.
  8. I don't even need to test to know I am going to love these....I just know
  9. Can't even wait for notes LOL. If available I would love to reserve: Itty Set Coco Piggy Blackcat's Love Kitten Blackcat's Sultry Kitten
  10. I tried LPADDICT but it didn't work for me when I ordered this morning.
  11. Mara, I'm so sorry you having this problem. I have a good friend that has multiple sites and has pretty much given up on Go Daddy. He too has had nightmare problems. Most of his sites are now on WIX and he said it has made life much easier.
  12. Also, if we are already reserving on this thread, could I put in for a Big Cat Mojo
  13. Is there a link for the women's sampler set + uni sample set? ETA.... and link for this month's full bottle sets ETA ONCE AGAIN........never mind....I found
  14. Ok....just sprinkle me with Rose Dust and send me to Themyscira
  15. ................... just to name a few..............
  16. As I patiently await with open arms for the new releases next week, I am biding my time dreaming of winter in the topics where I can connect with peace and calm and tea and flowers. Just the thought makes me sparkle and shine. Does this make me a bad girl? (hint)
  17. PM, If still available could I please get a Tyvey's Gooey Crunch. I just tried it and it is SOOOOOOOOO good.
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