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  1. I wore this one to a date last weekend. I haven't been on a date in a while and I wanted to wear something memorable. The scent was lovely on me. It smelled completely different than in the bottle. I couldn't really detect any individual notes, it just all blended together into a being wrapped in a warm blanket feel. The date went really well. He called me to "make sure I got home ok" and to tell me what a great time he had. I'll probably call him soon for another date. Thanks Raven, Mara and Danna for SW!
  2. One of my absolute favorites of all the men's potions. I had a couple of friends smell my little collection of lps and this has consistently been one of their favorites. A delicious blend of sandlewoods that hints at complexity and sophistication. The smell isn't too overwhelming, you get a whiff of it here or there and the basenote lasts and lasts and lasts. I put it on my t-shirt one time and it took a couple of days for the sexy smell to evaporate. I just kept sniffing my t-shirt when ever I wanted a lift. Even though it is suppose to be for men, I can easily see women wearing it too. It i
  3. The new releases are up! The new releases are up!
  4. I can't wait until the new potion links for June are up!
  5. Hi everyone! 25 yo male virgo medical student and artist. I am interested in massage, energy medicine and of course things that smell great! On occasion, I also like to pretend that I can sing. I am really looking forward to ordering some samples to try out. Oh and I also used to play the accordian
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