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    Love the great outdoors... as well as four active volcanoes in my backyard!<br /><br />Love me, love all my border collies. I am currently rescuing this wonderful breed and specialize in borders with health problems or other special needs.<br /><br />But as always, I have been a "nose" person. Oddly enough, virtually all commercial perfume give me horrible migraines. Love Potion (copyrighted) is the first I've ever met that I can use.

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  1. What a cool idea! I only wish I could smell this combo... Will have to consider that the next time I order another Pink. Thanks for the recommendation!!
  2. I know!! It's a really, happy perfume – both on you and others! That's why it's my all-time favorite of the ones offered by Love Potion. I remember when it first came out, I wrote to them and begged them to make this one of their regulars, it was THAT good! And it never gave me a migraine (or my other friends similarly afflicted) so I could wear it at the urgent care.
  3. Hi, there, Hedgehog! I don't know if I mentioned this before, but this Pink one of two perfumes PERIOD I can wear at the office. (The other one is pink sugar and lemon, ha ha!) And yes, it does make me very happy. In fact, it makes my entire office happy! My young office manager (really cute guy!) mentioned that he really appreciated me wearing it because it changed the mood of the urgent care to something bearable and asked me how he could get a few bottles for his wife. What a nice compliment! As for Red, that's only used by me if I want to be sexually assaulted by a bull moose.
  4. Oh, if only you tried the absolute original!! I have adored this one since it first came out. It is still the only one I could wear at a physician's office. You can't wear much in terms of scents because of people who might get migraines, but this one... this one was a big exception. I got some of the neatest compliments... not sexual ones but happy ones. It was amazing how guys reacted... especially commenting that they wanted their wives to take a sniff because Pink was so much more... pleasing and less sharp to their noses. Most wives gave me a bad look. Their problem... If you
  5. Happy happy, joy joy!! What a way to end the week! Thanks for PINK! And thank you for all your kind words.
  6. To the Powers That BE: PLEASE bring back PINK! Make a HUGE batch! My office manager adores it, and puts him in the best mood for all of us worker bees! This should be a regular as your RED, No. 9, etc. When my husband was alive (he died 2 months ago), he just loved me wearing it. I'm almost out. I really don't want to be because it brings back such good memories.
  7. Please bring PINK back!! This is the BEST LP color I've had! I'll buy 10!!
  8. This has to be my favorite Love Potion (enter color) -- even yummier than RED! At least it does not attract moose. I have the remake version. I definitely LOVE the cotton candy high notes. Accidentally spilt half of the sample all over me. I was in heaven!
  9. Hi! I'm new to the Forum, but I feel so lucky to find a perfumerie that makes beautiful things to smell that do no give me migraines. This is extremely rare, and I am getting so tired of straight single essences that I've been surviving on for many years. I immediately bought six various roll-on's, including RED because... I was curious. And I was surprised. I was expecting a far more overwhelming fare of scents than what I received. Yes, I could smell the hint of Carnation which was a very nice touch and very much in balance. So I really liked this scent. Rolled quite a bit on because
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