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  1. 1. Cougar Potion- Daytime friendly scent that can be used daily 2. Audacious- When I am going out downtown and need a confidence boost 3. OCCO- Because they always work 4. SS4W- When I want people to be accomodating 5. Balm Bomb- Use this before air travels to calm me down
  2. I have had experiences with over applying my OCCO oils... The scent of the Ambrosia was so intoxicating and addicting that I had kept swiping more just to sniff it. By over applying I mean 6+ 3 inch strips on wrists, both sides of neck, chest, belly... maybe even behind my knees a dot. I knew it was wayyyy overkill but I had been running my own tests on what amount was good for me. Self effects of this: My temperature rose and I started sweating profusely, increased anxiety Social Effect: My boyfriend would stare at me like something was wrong with me (probably the sweating) and walk around me, keeping me at a distance. In public it must have been a bit offensive as I got the same response.
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