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  1. Can we order a sugared black pepper yet? Maybe a brown sugar black pepper?
  2. My favorite was Peppered sexpot and there was also a cherry black pepper (July girl maybe?) Whatever pepper was used in that would be fantastic!
  3. Sugared question........Black pepper? I love it in all of the PE's I've tried. Would this ever be an option?
  4. I placed an order June 8th and I stil have yet to get it
  5. Can I have one please? I still need to pay my invoice for Pumpalicious, can you just amend it?
  6. Can I please have a bottle of Pumpalicious. Thanks!!
  7. 1. LP Red 2. Peppered Sexpot 3. 7 Mins to midnight 4. Sugared Coconut 5. Cougar
  8. I think we are just praying it is.
  9. OOOOHHHHHH......What pheros do you have? Why don't you sent me an email. It's my username at yahoo.
  10. I have a bottle of Phero Charged Money Potion I would trade you for it!!!!
  11. Hi Lor, I wan't able to IM you but I am very curious about your child's experience. I have 2 kids myself, 5 and 2. If you want you can email me at cirish77 at yahoo. I would really like to talk about this. Thanks again for all of the helpful people on this forum!
  12. I second the Sugared Bonfire. I never got to try that one.
  13. The ambrosia/fruit salad sounds good. How about a musk like synchronicity???? ETA: Maybe Danna can make an add on to the Pumpkin trilogy? Orange OCCO could be like Pumpkin pie!!!!
  14. cirish77

    Sand Witch

    It did something crazy on me too. I'm gonna try my sample again later in the month.
  15. On me this is all sexy, spicy berry. I don't get too much sandalwood or patchouli. The vanilla is kinda in the background for me. Very nice, I can't wait to see how this ages (if my bottle lasts that long )
  16. I may have to order myself a sample of this one.
  17. Dolly....How prominent is the cardamom? I don't do good with that.
  18. I'm still waiting on Black Candy and Constant Craving......
  19. OMG!!! I can't wait for the descriptions!!!!
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